Introducing Assignments: Your learning management system grading companion

educators everywhere, we know you’re busy, so
we’ll keep this brief. Google created a new
tool just for you– Assignments. It allows you to quickly and
securely create, analyze, and grade coursework
within your existing LMS or with G Suite, all while
empowering your students. And you may have
thousands of those. Or at least it feels
like it sometimes. Assignments saves you
time, so you can balance all the important stuff– like this guy– and invest
more in your students. Assignments lets you jump right
in when something goes off course. Feedback is a snap
with commenting. There’s even a bank of your
most frequently used comments. Provide richer feedback to
help your students grow. Built-in rubrics
make communicating expectations easy. You can help your
students do their best work with originality
reports and grammar checks. Best of all, Assignments
automatically saves everyone’s work. You work hard. Get some of your valuable
time back with Assignments. [GENTLE MUSIC]

2 thoughts on “Introducing Assignments: Your learning management system grading companion”

  1. Excited about this! Signed up for the Beta and can't wait to share it with students and teachers at trainings.

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