Intro to Online Classes

Hi, class! I’m Lisa Weigard, one of the faculty librarians here at HACC, and I’m embedded in your online
class this semester. I can help with all kinds of things! Probably my greatest
strength is helping you to find and evaluate sources that you need for a
research assignment. I could also help you with citing them, picking a topic.
maybe refining or narrowing a topic, and a number of other things as well— try
me!! Just ask me a question and I’ll do my best to help. Feel free to
contact me through the librarian discussion board for this class, or if
you feel more comfortable reaching out to me directly that’s fine too.
my email address is [email protected] …… you should also have access
to that in your Brightspace class. I look forward to working with you and
hearing your questions! Have a great day!

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