Interview with Dave Whelan, CEO of Immersive VR Education

hi I'm David Matthews reporter at times higher education I'm here in Waterford Island with Dave Whelan who is founder and chief executive of immersive VR education so Dave you're designing VR experiences for higher education students can learn and lecturers can teach any BR so what if you could just take us through some of the applications your company is producing so far okay so we're creating an education platform called engage and what engage allows you to do as an educator is you can teach any subjects that any students in the world in a virtual reality classroom and what we're trying to achieve is why you can teach class in the classroom so if you're teaching marine biology why not teach that on the sea bed and have a weird spin through the center of the class so it's a lot more engaging and we're pretty much building a toolset for educators to use the system so if you can create a PowerPoint presentation you should be able to create an immersive lesson whereas when you have a headset on you and you're using these hand controllers if you're a really competent presenter you can rerecord all your data so we record your movement in the virtual space rerecord your audio and your presentation and that could be replayed from the point of view of the students once you believe it and if you're happy with your presentation you can publish it up on the system right and you've also teamed up with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland to produce a sort of a medical simulator to run you through what happens in the emergency room or various other emergency situations in the hospital yeah so with the Royal College of Surgeons we created an app on the gear VR which is a mobile version of the headset and it's a chess train insertion so previously students would have learned the procedure with a multiple-choice text document ready enough to choose a B or C for each scenario whereas in the virtual space we have a patient in front of the students and then they choose between life and death situations or choices and if they choose correctly obviously a patient that's better if they choose incorrectly the patient can deteriorate even though so it's a lot warmer so and you get instant feedback then instead of fitting in a test questionnaire and then give it to the educator where they might find out whether their answers were right or wrong within a couple of days to get instant feedback people want to wonder you know we'll see advantage of delivering a lecture in virtual reality versus you know a standard luxury yep so I'm current distance learning programs platforms like we're exact books for example yes so all the content is provided through text and video video streaming in on a desktop so people don't feel really engaged with the content they feel very isolated when their learning is kind of day sit down with the by themselves declare through the content in a virtual reality classroom they really feel as if they're part of elite class because you can be joined by other students inside the virtual classroom like you would your peers and you can go through all this content yourself or you can have a live teacher come in and broadcast and one of the key advantages with virtual reality is a feeling of presence being in a real location so how does magic when an educator comes in because all that movement is trapped you really get a sense that that person is there so slightly educators two feet away from you where in reality that educator could be thousands of miles away or that educator might even be in the deadline comes from with you the educator could have to record their lesson I know just replaying that over again so we feel students would be a lot more engaged with the content and they're not distracted by the outside world and how easy is it for an academic to create you know a 3d model of pop DNA for example or a dinosaur or something like I'd be able to have students in that classroom to go over it to look at it from every angle and be able to explain it in that classroom yeah so we feel educators themselves won't be able to create the models from scratch what does tells them support thousands of content creators out are already that created all these immersive models so or make it very easy any content creator can upload their mother's to the system well we also provide lots of free free models on the system and free environments so an educator can go in and they can choose I agree for all environments or our library of immersive effects is what we call my effects we're taking away and she was like the dinosaur dick and she was in DNA or you can choose say the medical training and assets where they can have a patient on a bed so they won't need to create anything it's literally trying to drop Wow okay

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