Interview – Digital Law & Management Master

hi everyone I'm a robot so from students from the end as this since three years my name is Etienne I mean fourth year in the as this business school and I mean the little low and management master program I choose the specialization because thanks to this new representation in Europe so the FG PD in French so we are going to work in very important topic while it's made on the general data protection regulation in Europe so it's a new role it's a hot topic right now so I think it's a new fuel which has a lot potential internship starting in March will be in ng so basically what they want me to do is to well drive around the different agencies in the North East friends well they have several agencies there and just to teach what is GDP or in those agencies and how to well manage the data so that we don't break the load what I want to do the most is to walk as a DPO on the company at least I want to work in the information systems what I want to be the short-term after my studies is being a GPO there are protection of either having the GDP or in mind and having done studies in in the GDP or field it will help me with my with my work in the future

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