International students ride the Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park

Hi Im Ernesto. Hi Im Mark, and I’m Kal.
We are studying Sports Science at UWA, and it’s a beautiful day here in Perth, and we
are here at the ‘Goat Farm mountain bike park’, and we’re going to do a bit of riding.
Yep, so lets go. Yep, we are here at the ‘Goat Farm mountain
bike park’, just doing a bit of riding at the skills park section of the park.
We came to watch a local downhill mountain bike race, and it was really fun.
Yeah and I’m showing these boys how it should be done. I like Perth because it’s nice and clean,
and there’s heaps of open spaces, and yeah the countryside is just cool, great.
I like Perth because its like a slower pace of life, compared to back home.
You can really enjoy, kickback, and relax, or to go out and come mountain biking.
You dont get any of this back home, so I’m a fan of the big outdoors, like the three
of us, like spending our time outdoors. So Perth gives us the opportunity to do that. Why I chose Perth, is because Perth is the closest city from home.
Its about a four and half hour flight from Singapore, and yeah, it’s got the course I
wanted to take at UWA. I chose Perth because I heard a lot of good
things from my friends especially from UWA: like you should come here and try to get your
studies done and get a recognised degree back home.
Yeah because we heard of UWA, and it’s a very reputable University.
There have been many good reviews, and people form back home who have had their education
at UWA, have had many good things to say about UWA, and Perth itself and thats why we are
here. We’re done with the day of mountain biking,
its been fruitful and fun. Yep, and we are just packing up our stuff,
and getting ready to head home. Yep, we are heading home to get a bit of food,
some bite, and some drinks. Yep, so catch you later.

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