International Student Stories

[music] When I first left my country and came to the UK, I was totally excited about all the things around me. It’s very exciting for me to meet new people and attend new events. Bradford is a great city, and in the city you’ve got a lot of great people here and different cultures here mixed up. For my personal life I can get a lot of time to travel around the UK. I’m enjoying my experience of studying at the University of Bradford. The University has provided us, both the academic and non-academic support. Even in the modules itself and the classes people were really friendly, I’ve made a lot of friends from the classes; I’ve made friends from all over the world. Here the Students’ Union organises so many activities. and I made a couple of friends from different countries like China and USA, so I came to know about their culture and their music. It helps me to grow as a team member. I felt part of the University from the very first day I applied here. I had a voice, I could approach any of my lecturers. Every student in the University would have a personal tutor, which would be you know, one of the lecturers within your faculty. I decided to choose the University of Bradford because the Regional Manager of the University and the whole Visa Team was very cooperative, quick and professional. I often go to the language support centre, which can give me a lot of advice when I’m preparing for my exams. And also help me to prepare for my possible interviews in the future. Studying here, I would say it has actually helped me to settle into the UK system. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

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