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The International Society for Technology in
Education (ISTE) is a nonprofit organization that serves educators interested in the use
of technology in education. ISTE serves more than 100,000 education stakeholders
throughout the world through individual and organizational membership and support services. ISTE provides educational technology resources
to support professional learning for educators and education leaders, including the ISTE
Conference & Expo—a worldwide comprehensive ed tech event, and the widely adopted ISTE
Standards for learning, teaching and leading with technology. ISTE also provides a suite of professional
learning resources to members, including webinars, online courses, consulting services, books,
and peer-reviewed journals and publications.==Conferences & Expo==ISTE is probably best known for its annual
conference (called the ISTE Conference & Expo). The annual conference serves as a forum for
exploring and exchanging ideas about education technology with educators from around the
world. The event attracts more than 24,000 educators
and education leaders, and includes keynote speakers, hundreds of sessions, and a massive
expo where vendors can show off the latest ed tech products and services. Recent conferences have been held in Chicago,
IL (2018), San Antonio, TX (2017), Denver, CO (2016) Philadelphia, PA (2015) and Atlanta,
GA (2014). The 2019 conference will be held in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, June 23–26, 2019. See ISTE Conference 2019 for more information.==Educational Technology Standards==
The ISTE Standards (formerly “National Educational Technology Standards”, NETS) are a framework
for implementing digital strategies in education to positively impact learning, teaching and
leading. Along with the standards themselves, ISTE
offers information and resources to support understanding and implementation of the standards
at a variety of levels. See ISTE Standards.==ISTE Advocacy==
ISTE actively advocates for education technology at the local and national levels to advance
the global transformation of education through the application of technology to education. We work with educators and policy makers at
all levels to try to ensure that all learners have equal access to tools, connectivity and
skills needed for success in using technology. See ISTE Advocacy.==Membership==
ISTE membership is extended to individuals, affiliates (organizations, like school districts
and state technology organizations), and corporate members interested in the use and application
of technology in Education.===Corporate Members===
In addition to an individual membership of over 20,000, ISTE has several corporate members,
including: Adobe, Apple, Best Buy, BrainPOP, Canon U.S.A.,
CDW-G, Cisco Systems, Dell, Google, LEGO Education, Microsoft, Pearson, PowerSchool, SMART Technologies,
Summit Learning, the Verizon Foundation, and more
History==The International Council for Computers in
Education (ICCE) was founded in 1979, with David Moursund as executive officer and editor-in-chief
of the organization’s organ The Computing Teacher. In 1989 ICCE changed its name to the present
name, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Shortly after, in 1990, The Computing Teacher
was retitled Learning and Leading with Technology

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