International Social Work

hi my name is Mohammad and I caught him the live at Black Lake Ohio I'm originally from Somalia East Africa and my major is social work I hope to go into international social work when I came to the country I always had like people assisting us like aside like applying for different resources like welcoming us to the country or like applying for school enrolment and all that stuff so I always thought that's interesting that like oh what do they do but then eventually I found out that was like a social worker case manager that was helping us to enroll into places we didn't know anything when we got here even though I had my sibling my sibling was here before us so social work kind of came about because of all the help that my family see so I see a lot of immigrants who came to the country and they just did it big stuff like they went to law school nursing school like so medical school I'm like I can do this everybody does it in their own different way so Social work's kind of like my way

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