International Social Welfare and Health Policy

hi my name is Linea and I'm from Sweden my name is Goggin I'm from India and we both are doing a master's in international Social Welfare and health policy I chose this program because I'm from India and I wanted to study Social Welfare there was no better place to study social welfare than Norway because it's the best welfare state in the world I think this study is useful for me because I think I can gain a lot of understanding about the health situation in the world I think so the program will give me a platform of opportunities right from PhD research to working on projects with multilateral agencies because I have the business background as well as this Social Work background oh it's good to study here at the University College the location is good it's near the city center of Oslo it's nice facilities the academic stuff very good and it feels good to be a part of it the teachers in the program are great they have tremendous amount of knowledge and experience but one thing which I like is that they are very much approachable and they help the students very participative in nature I'm really happy for the social environment in this degree we are getting close together and it's good to be at school to be together and we also do a lot of things outside school and you create not only a good network with people from all over the world you get friends and even you you make a global family

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