International Program // University of Cologne

Academic excellence, like good teaching, is
based on international cooperation. As a University rich in tradition, with a
strong research profile, the University of Cologne is well integrated into diverse international
contexts. The internationalization of teaching and research
are central elements of the development of the University. With the establishment of four internationally
networked research foci, strategic cooperation projects with international partners will
be set up. The University is working together with the
so-called “University of Cologne Global Network Partners” intensively in different
areas of research, teaching and administration. Internationalization is lively and manifest
at the University of Cologne through the many guest academics. The University of Cologne International Faculty
Program connects excellent academics from abroad as international faculty members to
the University in long term to work specifically with graduate students. An impressive amount of Erasmus cooperation
projects enable Cologne students to gather international experience in Europe. At the same time, the University of Cologne
hosts many international students. The graduate schools of the University of
Cologne, which all have an international focus, offer graduate students optimal conditions
for completing their PhD’s. Internationalization requires effective support
structures. This includes consultation and services in
Cologne, as well as in Liaison Offices in New York, New Delhi and Beijing, which strengthen
the presence of the University in selected target regions. The University of Cologne is continually developing
its international relations to prepare its students for the labor market, further improve
teaching through internationalization and enable more international top research.

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