33 thoughts on “International master vs New york chess hustler, who would win?!”

  1. some video highlights:
    1)0:00–0:20 pregame trash talking
    2)0:20 me trying to figure how these clocks work+ my girlfriend is showing some chess fundamental understanding.
    3)1:23 tactics from hell
    4)4:00 Russian prison tattoos?
    5)5:00 background music gets faster as we reach time trouble and the game intensifies
    6)5:49 hustler states: "you played like a f****ng genius!"
    7)3:46 stare of death!

  2. holy fuck this video sucked.
    I had to put the mute on because the background noise started to make my ears bleed.

  3. Who won then? Actually who cares? Couldn't see the board properly, could only hear Hare Krishna, gave up watching.

  4. Who was the international master?
    Who was the New York hustler?

    Bad view of the board.
    No view of the timer.

    Needs more cowbell.

  5. Ah yes, the beautiful multicultural sounds of absolute insanity you may experience in New York City.

  6. This is like the shitty version of "where's Bobby Fisher". When the little kid learns to hustle from the chess playing park bum.

  7. Ahh yes, the sights and sounds of Washington Square Park in the Summer. I lived 2 blocks away from there, it’s a vibrant and diverse neighborhood near NYU. I encourage all to visit the area.

  8. Don't qhow us a random IM playing chess hustlers just to show off it's a boring game go play an IM or FM don't be shy come o

  9. When you wish a Ford Focus would pull up pounding Tupac Shakur on 16" subs. Why don't these fucks clang their chimes out in the desert?

  10. Video is actually about reaching Nirvana by surrendering to the sounds of the bell signaling ones freedom! Chess is in the background or at least should be to more appropriately center on the ethereal sounds by the one and only true religion, playing more cowbell, baby.

  11. Came for the lovely noise, stayed for the chess comments, and found I had successfully reproduced with Rashid. It's a beautiful baby girl, darling! Come visit sometime please …

  12. Shows who the real grandmaster is. A man who can lose and still not lose … the best of all time even if he is not.

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