International Education Program

Welcome to Durham Region, located in
Ontario, Canada, just east of Toronto. International Students coming to learn
at the Durham Catholic District School Board join a welcoming, diverse community
of students and teachers. Several of our elementary and secondary schools are
accepting international students and with our continuing education programs
we support learners of all ages. Students learn about a variety of
subjects including Religion, Math, Science, Physical education Technology Arts and English. Success in English is a major focus for our international education program and our teachers. We offer many English as a Second Language programs designed to help students achieve their learning goals. Being of an international language, you
have to have a solid foundation in English be able to get into a lot of
universities, which they want to do to be successful in their future careers The ESL teacher not only works with them in their ESL class, they become that caring adult that works with every other teacher that that child connects with. Ms McCloskey is teaching me ESL from last semester and she’s been a really really big big big help to me and when I have some questions, like which I couldn’t understand, she teach me a lot. I think it’s very good. Like Canada, our classrooms are
very culturally diverse. International students will make friends with other international students and with Canadians of all backgrounds in a welcoming, accepting community. It’s good because other international people are here, so you’re not the only one that is different. So, here’s like a lot of multicultural people, so that’s good because you can like know which country. The people here is so kind. They talk to me first, then I met with them and talked to them and we became friends. School is good. The people is very helpful. I recommend it a lot because it’s a new experience in your life. To help our new international students adjust and get comfortable at school, they are supported by teachers and special programs along the way. Like the newcomer program, which
introduces students to their new school. It’s very big help because before I don’t know anything about the school and they introduce me, like what is the school going and where
should we go. Outside of school, the Durham Region provides great nature spaces, historic downtown scenes, shopping centres and is close to several tourist destinations. The Durham Catholic District School Board looks forward to welcoming your children to Canada for international education program.
So do our teachers and students. Come join us in the Durham region. Join us in Durham region! Come join us in Durham region! Come and join us in Durham region! Coming here is a really good place to start English, have many friends and to really know what Canada is. It’s a good place. Come.

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