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Well I am here at the forum to meet university
representatives, our friends from the higher education institution sector. Basically we
are interested in bringing advisers and university representatives together so that we can really
look for a way to boost international educational exchange between the United States and our
respective countries. EducationUSA is a great organization that
helps international students find a home in the United States. It’s an arm of [U.S.] Department
of State, it is supported by [U.S.] Department of State. And to has a very close connection with the
embassies and consulates. So that’s how they can do their education outreach with their
prospective students all over the world. I’m really happy to see that a lot of the
sessions are geared towards working with students that have traditionally been under represented.
Like students with disabilities or students from countries that normally colleges and
universities don’t recruit from, LGBT communities, you know. That has been a positive development. When I do a lot of travel in terms of student
recruitment and partnership development I’ll reach out to EducationUSA centers and sites
in those specific countries and regions that I am going to. Both to hopefully try and visit
and learn a little bit from the REACS and different advisers. But also to get some introductions
to local universities and maybe even high schools that could be a good market for recruitment. At the EducationUSA advising center in Nepal
we are the busiest advising center in all of South and Central Asia. Daily we are visited
by more than 200 students who are interested in studying in the United States. Annually,
by more than 40,000 students. We are very very busy and we have talented students who
would love to access information about your institution. In Lima I work for a large binational center
and we would host any Higher-Ed rep that wants to come down and talk to our students. We
also host an annual university fair every year in September in our region. So that’s
a really great opportunity for them to come down and see more than 2,000 students in one day. From interactions with professors to participation
with on campus activities to internships and jobs on camp, studying in the U.S. is a fantastic
opportunity and one that we highly advocate to qualified individuals.

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