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The International Congress on Mathematical
Education (ICME) is held every four years under the auspices of the International Commission
on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) of the International Mathematical Union (IMU). The Congress is planned and organized by separate
committees, which operate independently of the ICMI. The aim of the Congress is to present the
current states and trends in mathematics education research and in the practice of mathematics
teaching at all levels. The Congress will gather a broad spectrum
of participants such as researchers in mathematics education, teacher trainers, practicing teachers,
mathematicians, and others interested in mathematics education. The scientific program typically consists
of plenary activities, regular lectures, survey teams, topic study groups, discussion groups,
workshops, poster presentations, national presentations, etc. The regular lectures are held by experienced
researchers or educators who have been invited, whereas most of the other activities are open
for registration.==ICME History==
Past editions of ICME have taken place at: ICME-1, 1969, Lyon (France)
ICME-2, 1972, Exeter (UK) ICME-3, 1976, Karlsruhe (Germany)
ICME-4, 1980, Berkeley (USA) ICME-5, 1984, Adelaide (Australia)
ICME-6, 1988, Budapest (Hungary) ICME-7, 1992, Québec (Canada)
ICME-8, 1996, Sevilla (Spain) ICME-9, 2000, Tokyo/Makuhari (Japan)
ICME-10, 2004, Copenhagen (Denmark) ICME-11, 2008, Monterrey, Mexico on July 6–13,
2008. ICME-12, 2012, Seoul, Korea July 8–15, 2012. ICME-13, 2016, Hamburg (Germany) July 24–31,

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