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  1. @willbirful hello are you a teacher? i am a student and I've been thinking about becoming a teacher so if you are i want to ask you some questions. please reply thanks 🙂

  2. This is a very good video. Dr Singh both shows and explains some great concepts in how to help students learn actively. The students responses also provide some great ideas on what works for them. Thanks for sharing, Dr Singh!

  3. thank u. i like ur interactive teaching method.
    i felt..i learnt something from the video.
    –sebi jose. …. Teacher

  4. Good work, I like your ideas. Could improve in a couple of areas though.
    1) Don't use the words 'correct' or 'right'. It gives people the idea that there is no possible alternative (which in this universe is unlikely).
    2) Keep using the word 'think' in questions – that's great! But wait longer to let people answer.
    Just a couple of ideas, and above all keep trying new stuff, and keep improving.

  5. thank u chndralekha singh. i appreciate ur interactive teaching method.
    indeeed am very much impressed.


  6. This teacher has an excellent way of teaching(learning by the students). Learning how to 'learn' quicker and easier is priceless. This method should be implemented in grade school.

  7. Interesting… I teach my class of seven, eight and nine year olds in a similar way; yet I feel my methods are tending towards being old fashioned. There seems to be less teaching going on and more self guided discovery which looks good on paper but not so good in reality.

    This lady seems like a very switched on person!

  8. This woman talks a lot of sense. All of us should take heed and practise her methods to encourage interaction.

  9. Thank you, Chandralekha, for adding to the teaching population which makes learning meaningful to students. I really think that the time wasted during a teacher centered learning experience is such a shame, but even knowing that, it is really hard to think up lessons that are communicative. I teach English and Spanish, and I have a hard time coming up with lesson plans… I feel as though I need a firmer platform of tools with which to work…

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