Interactive Learning Games for Kids EXCAVATORS: Build & Play Monster Trucks (Дети Truck игры)

19 thoughts on “Interactive Learning Games for Kids EXCAVATORS: Build & Play Monster Trucks (Дети Truck игры)”

  1. Learn more with the Funny Monster Machines! << ENGLISH SCRIPT >>
    Let's play! Can you find 2 excavators that look exactly the same?
    Yes! Look! Here are two identical pictures. Well done! Excavator.
    Look at this excavator digging a hole in the ground..
    And look! In the hole there is a ball!
    And now, are you ready for a new task!  
    Can you find the vehicle to fit the white shape?
    No, it's not the grader. No, it's not the cement mixer! …and  it's not the car!
    That's right! It's the excavator!
    What is our excavator doing now?
    Yes! It's filling the hole and making the road flat again!
    This vehicle is a tractor. Let's find a second one?
    Here it is! Now there are two tractors!
    This is a grader. Two graders!
    An excavator. Two excavators!
    What do you think of our funny game! Shall we play it again?

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