Interactive Animal Sounds Game by Kids Learning Videos

– [Voiceover] Animal Sounds, An Interactive Game By Kids Learning Video. Let’s find the animals. Here we have a zebra, a dog, here’s a duck, and a tiger. Look an elephant and a cow. Okay, let’s play a game. Which animal makes this noise? (trumpeting elephant) Do you know what animal that was? Hey, let’s listen to it again. (trumpeting elephant) Did you say an elephant? That’s right, nice job. I love an elephant’s big ears and long trunk. Let’s do another animal. What animal makes this sound? (quacking) Hum, let’s listen to it again. (quacking) Did you guess a duck? That’s right, a duck likes to swim in the water. Okay, let’s guess another animal. Which animal makes this sound? (snarling cat) Whoa, what animal is that? Let’s listen again. (snarling cat) That sounds like a tiger. A tiger lives in the jungle and has stripes. Now, let’s listen to another animal sound. Here it is. (mooing) Hum, I think I know what animal this is, but let’s listen one more time. (mooing) It’s a cow that lives on the farm and gives us milk. Now, let’s listen to another animal sound. (squeeking) What animal could this be? Let’s listen again. (squeeking) That’s the sound a zebra makes. A zebra has black and white stripes all over it’s body. Now, let’s listen to the last animal sound. Here is is. (barking) Do you know who makes that sound? Listen again and find out. (barking) Did you say a dog? That’s right, woo hoo, you got it. Nice job, you did it. You won the game. Thanks so much for playing. If you want to watch some more videos, click on them below. You can watch Old MacDonald Had a Farm, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, a song about Animal Sounds and more. Thanks, again.

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