Inter Pori 1st Day Class – Part 2 || E 7 || Warangal Vandhana || The Mix

You seem so pensive. You always are a chatter box.
– I never moved out of Warangal nor lived away from my parents. Father, you didn’t leave for Warangal yet?
– No, I had some errands to run. So, I had to stay back. How is it all going there with Vandana?
– You sound so doleful. Vandana is our only child.
The house is wearing a deserted look with her away. You always used to yell at her when she was home.
– Don’t worry. Once here, it is our duty to make you
feature in the rankers bulletin next year. What is your name, by the way?
– I’m Vandana, sir. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Be seated. You, come here. Erase the board. You know why I called you here?
– No, sir. – Because I could here your voice even downstairs. Now, be seated.
What is Einstein’s theory of relativity? E=MC^2.
– Good. You, stand up. What is your name?
– Vandana, sir. How did you reach this city?
– On a train. – How did you get here from the station? In a cab which my dad booked.
– Okay. What do you all notice in a cab? A GPS navigator.
– Good and how does the GPS work? It works on the theory of relativity.
Assume this to be a cab. The GPS in the cab is connected
to a satellite which helps us navigate. But, there’ll be a difference of 5 to 10 meters
from the cab’s actual position. The speed of the cab and the internet’s speed
are crucial in deciding how accurate the navigation is. This is a perfect example of relativity.
I asked the same question in the toppers section. But, they failed to answer. So, marks don’t count.
How much you know the subject does. I’m sure, Parayana in the due course of time
will condense this 200 pages chapter into 12 pages. They’ll just give you bullet points to mug up.
It’ll be of help to only those people who hide from asking doubts. Actually, it won’t be of any help to them either.
Please, don’t hide, students. Come out and face the world. Question the lecturers
unless you want to compromise your whole life. You may fail once or twice,
but if you learn the subject, trust me, you’ll do wonders. And this applies to Vandana too.
All the best then. We’ll meet in the next class. Excuse me, sir.
– Come in. He looks like that villain from ‘Saaho’. What is your name?
– Warangal Vandana. – Warangal? You mean that town? Well, all my friends call me that. So..
– Why? Are you a fan of Warangal? – A die hard fan. Is it you who tore this? It is your name on it.
– ‘Shit! How did he find it?’ What is your time table?
– We wake up at 5AM and make our bed.. That is for everyone else. But you being the worst
performing student of the batch, you’ve a new time table. Note it. Hereon, you’re a student of the ICU.
– ICU? Is this some hospital and you all doctors? Well, we do need doctors’ attention
after evaluating your test papers. Since, no one in this entire campus is as bad
a student as you, you alone will get this treatment. Are you planning on operating my brain
and feeding it with some knowledge? – Something like that. Note it down. You’ll have to wake up by 4AM..
– By 4AM? No one wakes up by then, not even ghosts.
– Isn’t it nice to wake up then? You’ll have dinner by 8:30PM
and have study hours from 9PM to 12PM. Incase, you fail to have dinner
between 8:30PM to 9PM you’ll have to starve all night. Screw this!
I get to sleep from 12PM to 4PM? That means all I’ll get is 4 hours of sleep?
I think my days are numbered hereon. Screw this life.
I’ve to wake up by 4AM and sleep only at 12 midnight? There were times in Warangal
when I slept an entire day. But now, I’m to get only 4 hours of sleep? Vandana, come out. This warden behaves
like she were some cop. What brought you here, ma’am?
– To get you married. Stop kidding, ma’am.
I’m not even of the legal age to get married. Also, the guy who’ll be marrying me,
must be good looking like Mahesh Babu, energetic like Ram popular like Pawan Kalyan
and well built like Prabhas. Last but not the least,
he should hail from Warangal. You don’t even get sarcasm, do you?
Mr Mahesh informed me that he changed your time table. Tomorrow onwards, you’ll be an ICU student.
You’ll have to wake up by 4AM. If you delay it even by a second, you know about me.
– Of course, I know about you. Everyone else uses a cane to beat up students
but, luckily for you, your hand would do. I experienced it first hand.
I might have even lost a tooth or two while at it. Don’t worry, I’ll ask your mom to get you teeth sets.
You might need them by the year end. My life has become as pointless
as onions in Pani Puri. Hard luck is literally slapping me on my face.
– Go to bed now. She’ll slap you again if you don’t wake up by 4AM.
– Cut it! I won’t wake up by 4AM.

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  1. Maheshbabu andam,ram energy,pk following,prabhas cutout unte saripodu ninnu true ga love chese vadu ay undali n wish u many more happy returns of the day @floating_heartz_x

  2. కకాతియుల పురిటి గడ్డ
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