Intelligent Thinking In JUST "5" Seconds ✔ | Naveen Mullangi | In Telugu

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35 thoughts on “Intelligent Thinking In JUST "5" Seconds ✔ | Naveen Mullangi | In Telugu”

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  2. Naku study ante chala istam chala problems face chesanu study kosam prasent job trials but asalu book thiyali anipin chatla bhadakam neerasm ela please help me my life health problem head constable job apply chesanu job rakapothe na life end

  3. Nijanga telsinodu, ila YouTube lo video Lu chesthu koorchodu. Practical ga workout ayye video Lu chudandi bayya.

  4. Tanx 4 information Naveen u r nice Bro nice channel
    Wat I dint understand is y only LETTER E ?
    Y not any other letter!

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