Integrative Nutrition Curriculum Sample

(light guitar music) Imagine a nutrition school where your teachers are the world’s leading experts. Imagine having access to some of the most innovative lectures and discussions about health and wellness today. Combine this with hand on training to start and grow your own health coaching practice, and you’ll have the largest nutrition school in the world, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Hello, and welcome. My name is Sharon, and I’ll be your guide on this preview of our cutting edge health coach training program. During this overview, we’ll give you a look into our curriculum and provide samples of the online coursework from our world renowned instructors. Well, you’ve all heard of resveratrol, and you’ve all heard about berries, and the good stuff in berries. Phytonutrients. A phyto just means plants. So these are plant nutrients that are those, exactly those molecules we’re talking about. They travel all the way to the cell level. They actually go into the genetics, into the nucleus of the cell, and change the expression of your genes. We’re used to eating this much food, getting that much nutrients. What I’m talking about here is eating this much food, getting that much nutrients. Because you can say, “I want to lose 50 pounds,” and you can think it all day long. It doesn’t happen until you take different action. But it’s your subconscious, your beliefs, your fears, all of that stuff underneath the surface that dictate your actions. So the concepts that we teach in the school are that there is a built-in human capacity, that people demonstrate every day, that when someone is speaking and we are listening, that purely the listening causes healing and release for the person who is complaining or distressed. Have you noticed before you even came to the school you were just, people would be freaking out, and you would just stay present with them, and they would get it over, and they’d feel better. When you get in that zone of doing things that come so naturally to you, you’re of more service. You have more to give. You are more profound. You are more prolific. You will touch people more deeply. You will touch more people. You will get closer to the right answer. So what do you think? If you’re intrigued about the program and interested in speaking with someone about enrolling, please give us a call now. (upbeat music) We look forward to working with you and helping you transform your world, both personally and professionally. From all of us at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, thank you for watching, and we hope to see you soon. (whooshing)

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