Integrating Music and Movement with Literacy

all children understand music and love to move to it while moving to music is a joy did you know that it is also a catalyst for learning music and movement engage the whole child physically emotionally cognitively and socially while children are moving to music they're learning many things they're developing body awareness and awareness of space and direction they're using listening skills they're learning concepts and vocabulary in the songs they're cooperating with others all while they are having fun and music and movement activities reach out to all types of learners children who are active and quiet children with special needs children whose native language is English or children who speak other languages this program focuses on successful ways to use music and movement in early childhood classrooms to teach literacy including listening skills vocabulary development speaking storytelling sequencing and phonemic awareness alphabet knowledge basic skills such as color identification and even math concepts when you use music and movement in the early childhood classroom to teach literacy you're helping your students to be successful because children retain more when they hear C say and do

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