Institutional residual and developmental views on social welfare systems

hello my name is Kevin Clinton and I am an Esso w 125 social affair today I will be discussing institutional residual and developmental views on social welfare services and systems Social Work is a profession does that tell people receive the help and services they may need to function in everyday society social welfare is defined as social social interventions that are intended to the hints or maintain the social functioning of a human being the three different levels of social welfare services is institutional residual and developmental based on the social problem that is being caused by different social and economic structural problems the social worker will choose what level of work it's best when the levels of work is residual residual is a system that short-term very limited in temporary residual response to those who may need it those who are not supported by family or outside needs the government plays women in role when it comes to residual benefits are very low to the Stars a person from being white term once the needs are met the the support is taken away because that person is now capable of being stable without outside help the ones who need the residual level would be poor people who are considered lower class for example if a person who is unemployed and they are receiving unemployment checks the government has have a program that encouraged people to get a job or to get help to find a job another service that a short time would be orphanages in housing programs conservatives you the residual approach has being most affected because they believe that each person is responsible for their own behavior and short-term health wolf and short-term help will force a person to stand on her own and won't be enabled by the system William Graham Sumner you on social welfare services was that each person is responsible for their situation a common level of social welfare service would be institutional it is a social workers responsibility to ensure that a person is living in responsible standard healthy life on this level it is believed that people can endure the cascade effect once problem can lead to another this system helps with 101 health the institutional approach is available and publicly funded and organised to even out the economic differences for example free education is available to me everyone's need it is also considered a lifetime and is there regardless of stability it is data under the institutional approach that everyone deserves equal opportunity many of the programs are government funding like free daycare or a CC is that is a child care information service services like Social Security in 401k plans when you retire are available to help everyone and the end on the institution of youth programs such as Social Security meets the needs of people with disability and also people who live became elderly the institutional point of view sees social welfare and it's permanent and necessary to maintain the social structure under the NASW National Association of Social Work the primary mission of a social worker is to enhance humans humans well-being and help people who are in deep with basic human needs the institutional social welfare system justice system enforces social workers to engage in social and political actions because that ensures that all people have equal access to resources liberals view institutional approach as being best because they believe some things are just beyond a person's control and they believe institutional approach can approve human humans welfare the developmental view of social welfare works beyond the institutional concept the developmental concept purpose is to work with all citizens to ensure that their needs are achieved and maintained maintained every day cared for for example day care services there are none available to people who have children parents who have to work and don't have any way to get care for the children the developmental view on social welfare is used to expand welfare programs and promote social change so population and economic developing this is that's only as a whole with taxi residual and and the social welfare system something that social justice issues something that the social justice system is currently injustice they believe that their wealth in power ships think theirs because they work hard it shouldn't have to spread their wealth I believe that the institutional social welfare system works best because people are being given equal opportunities with references to Richard Wilkins and Kate Pickett they agree that society is stronger when it's one we have equality and technically there is a kind of welfare for the wealthy and wash industries that is enough available to the poor such as like such as credit score you could get anything with a good credit score so I didn't believe that the institutional social welfare system should always be to play because everybody deserves a fair chance thank you

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