INSTAGRAM BIO TRICKS and IDEAS for FOLLOWERS – Line breaks, Call to action (CTA)

Hey what’s up guys, in this video I’m
gonna teach you some instagram bio tricks that you can do to look more professional
and to increase your chances to be followed by lots and lots of people, so stay tuned. I decided to do this tutorial because Instagram
is a very important social media platform. You can promote yourself as a photographer,
as a vlogger, YouTuber, as a business person and so on. The way how you present yourself
through your bio section is very important. Because that is the first thing people see
when they visit your profile and many of us are underestimating this. So if you tried to edit your bio section you
already know that the return function on the keyboard is not working. I mean you cannot
have line breaks in the bio if you are filling in info directly from the Instagram app. And
if you can’t use line breaks, your profile will look like this. Not so cool isn’t it?
Hard to read, hard to understand. However, you can obtain something like this
on separate lines and it’s very simple. And by the way this is my instagram page,
make sure you follow me here as well, I post quite often. Before showing you how I edit my bio section
and what’s my method of creating line breaks, let me explain what should you include in
your bio section to increase following. First of all you need to let the people know
who you are, but as long as you are not a well known person, I would not suggest entering
your name in the first line, and here is WHY. For example I make photography tutorials and
people search for photography tutorials so when they do that I will eventually come up
in their search and I increase my chances to get my profile visited. And this is because
under your Instagram username your first line from the bio will be visible there. So photography
tutorials is definitely searched more often than my name.. In my case. Ok, let’s talk about the second line from
the bio. So you told them what you do exactly, now it’s time to write in your name and
to tell them where are you from. My name is Cristi Kerekes and I’m from Romania. It’s
important to share your location to others because you can get hired in your local area
by other businesses. If you are a photographer you can get hired for a photoshoot or if you
are a singer, you can be booked for a show or something. So, very very important. Let’s recap:
Line 1 You tell them what you do Line 2 You tell them what is your name
Line 3 You tell them where are you from. And because you told them what you do in the
first line and they could be interested in this, you will insert a call to action in
line 4. Speaking about my case I told them that I
do photography tutorials and tech videos. I post those videos here on my YouTube channel.
And here is my call to action: I insert an emoji with a hand pointing downwards and tell
them to check out my latest tutorial which in this case is a Premiere Pro tutorial. You
can check out that color correction tutorial here.
You need to keep in mind something important. A call to action is useless if you don’t
let them know what you do in that first line. You need to give them a reason to click that
link. Ok, in line 5, you give them the link. This
could be another social media platform, your website, your youtube channel and so on. Guys, nothing to complicated here, maybe I
explain a lot but I want you to understand why you should do these things, ok? So it’s time to create that bio section
with line breaks. Remember that Instagram doesn’t let you create line breaks in the
app so I’m going to use a third party website called I also used this website
when I explained how to use hashtags on Instagram and the tutorial is here. In the bio section you are limited to 150
characters and you need to use them wisely. If you are using this website when you hit
enter you will create a line break which Instagram will recognize.
So I’m gonna fill in my info real quick and of course insert some emojis, because
they are really powerful. Next, I’m going to copy this text and paste
it in the bio section on my Instagram. Let’s check again: This will be line 1 This will be line 2 This is line 3 Line 4 And this will be line 5 Everything is looking good and I’m gonna
hit submit. If I check my profile now using my computer, the bio will look like there
are no line breaks, but if I check from my phone, this is how it looks like. Pretty cool
and easy to do. I promise you that if you pay attention and create a clean and attractive bio, you will get more followers on Instagram! I hope you enjoyed this video, please drop
a like if you did, and if you have questions, please leave them in the comments below. And
if you want to become a better editor in Photoshop, Lightroom or Premiere check out my other videos,
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I’m Criss and see you next time!

100 thoughts on “INSTAGRAM BIO TRICKS and IDEAS for FOLLOWERS – Line breaks, Call to action (CTA)”

  1. I have put my insra bio in my coutry language.. under that there is "see traslation" which displays ..happy birthday.. which has no connection to my bio..i dont know how to remove it

  2. Or you just do it the easy way you go to notes type what you want there insta also counts the braces over there and you just copy paste it

  3. You can have line breaks in your profile on IOS / iPhone if you write it into notes and then copy & paste it into the bio section of Instagram.

  4. I've got a problem I write on my bio and when in done it says it has 4 words left but when I click done I see my bio with it's last sentence half deleted! And I can't do anything about it! For example I write "I am doing good" at last but after I click done it turns like :I am doi" !!!!! Anybody can help me???

  5. sir the emojis copied from website u reffered visible in mobile not in pc wht should i do ,and its also not visible in word counter

  6. Thank you so much Cristi for your kindness I have liked and subscribed i will let you know how I get on also my Instagram is @thekindnesscoach 🙂

  7. So my friend removed there tag from my bio and he wants me to add it again but we don’t know how to add it back

  8. People are complaining about not being able to return to the line while they can just go on PC and do it.

  9. Stop wasting time watching Videos!! Contact coding55 on Instagram for professional hack service, I got my disabled account and social security back just now..
    He can help you

  10. 2:00
    He is explaining that your name should be used as keywords in your niche or what your page has to offer instead of your real name.
    This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and will increase your engagement rate by 10x.

  11. also at 4:00
    You can easily use linebreaks and the return button with ease on your notepad on your iphone and copy and paste and voila. Looks spiffy. I recommend you use a relevant emoji at the start of each line so it looks even more appealing.

  12. Love this video. Just one thing, on Instagram you can make lines. All you need to do is go to numbers, then press return.

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