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My name is Ashly Fuller and I just graduated
in Bachelor of Science of Social Sciences. I’m from France but I’m also
half English, half Colombian. So I think the multi background
was adapted to the spirit of UCL that is global in essence. But as well especially the course –
the Social Sciences course was adapted to me because it touched upon a lot
of disciplines that I was interested in. It was broad and so my curiosity
was fed – a bit because I still have a lot of curiosity left. Actually the course has left me with
new questions and new directions to go. I think the whole degree was a big part
of my life – of any students life. And specifically the Social Sciences since
we were the first cohort we were left to write the story and set
the tone for the next cohort. And in general I think university is a
very important step in a person’s life. Any strong moments for me were at the very
beginning and at the very end I would say. Very beginning, fear – just scared of
what is going to happen. Remember going to the library and not
finding a single book – and I didn’t know how
everything would work. And at the end you graduate –
you submit your dissertation and that is a lot of work and a lot of gratefulness
for everything that has happened. A big shout out to obviously
my mother. She was here with me today. And I think it was very emotional for
both of us – because as the ceremony – it was said
as well – you are inspired and you are the product of other people.
And so have I been. It was the link between her work
and her personal life – being a woman in the 80’s in Colombia with all the conflicts going
on and her life – her biography as a mother,
as a woman just actually made me delve into the importance
and as well the meaning of that into academic, political and societal
broader issues. So I guess that is important for a degree
is to link your personal story with the wider issues
and with history. What’s next? Just another step
in the journey. I’m starting a Masters next October in
Oxford, in Comparative Social Policy. So in some ways my degree of
Social Sciences applied hopefully to the world of policy making and government –
so we’ll see how that goes. And hopefully my journey and my interest
in Sociology and the Social Sciences can perhaps inspire others or encourage others or
– and I think that is with everything.

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