Inside Rihanna's Trip to Malawi for Education

my name is Juan Ghani Lorenza I'm 14 years old I am a student at smooth [Applause] [Applause] premises true but also there some problems challenges we here really get into the automation to change and movement we are really honored to be here and allowing to kurosawa Mashiro specifically how we can make 2017 material education as from in situ logs that we really believe that this is a pivotal year for the replenishment global option presentation and we have a membership-based organization of some eight new team members now who will be working over the coming year on ship with the honor and Clara Waddell foundation really from the surface of our gear says Rihanna to learn a lot more to learn from you and see how we can take those learnings and apply them to build my god which me have hundreds please we're not being in business with this or provide just one to chat is also much more work in that party were classes so then integrated into that you wanna propose together we don't we don't take photo to it to school or sometimes we don't think because of lack of food at one I don't worry buddy I'm done teaching the morning you because I believe in the future when I will be a businessman I will have waffles yeah look at the quality first and if we went to a boob in Malawi for children indecipherable Martin well anyway is public wanting that will be empathize even we are quadrants of I'm Catholic rock Dhamma constructed by a community and we are both let's have previously instructed by the government we do also have non dimensionalization both local and international is watching so as a school like this one you applicant see that in their jobs the cousin not going to accept it will not realize there are different times with different sources of the abilities especially in some classes are not available you see Sabrina's learn and a victory so it is very dangerous according to this way the rainy season this is a beautiful school and they're good teachers good arenas but there's a rap of Brookes love of choco lack of books there is importantly to come together because in together is a powerful so we need to sing songs yes brain games and I Greg even also to make our body head just make our body defend from Jesus as of Malawi the challenges that girl's face the major challenge I should say is long distances if maybe the government could are build more infrastructures in the schools and also maybe try and build more schools in the rural areas because a girl might travel that in chrome meters 1500 meters away from home just one way going to the store to school and then you have to come back you can imagine is 26 kilometers I for ago it's a very big challenge because she can face a lot of challenges on the home or on how way to school there is this crisis of child marriages girls arm a league of a tender age it's not going for the same time maybe selection because by my trip someone who maybe has HIV in it without getting desperate and tested if you chose your mic button for yourself you see before you to tell you finally not interested then you may prevent the trade of patriotism when I came to Malawi the very first time I was surprised on the magnitude of mid I come from the mob where there our challenge is to dismantle a void in education system but I lift the education supply side is ok there are schools where children could go to but when I came to Malawi I had the first friends ever in my life about uptake ratio I'd never heard about that and uptake ratio is simply about how many students from primary school get to go into secondary school and that's when I realized that actually in Malawi is a safe statistically now is that 72 percent seventy to say five percent of students get into primary school but only eight percent get to complete secondary school and that's a huge issue it's a huge disparity for me I think one thing that I've discovered about poverty for my personal experience is that it's not just the lack of means it's also what it takes away from you it takes away the save that you've got control over your destiny and attempt the food that maybe this is going to be all it is because your grandmother didn't get it your mother didn't so you feel that actually this is all it is it's amazing the way they learned oh I love that they learn a melody that's like my favorite thing because kids they adopt melody really really quickly and so if you can use that as a learning tool I think it's not brilliant brilliant thing together it's powerful together it's powerful you share knowledge skills together it's powerful you promote each other together it's powerful American came together Africans came together Europe came together together is powerful Africa came together American came together together is powerful came together to make one powerful together it's awful you

21 thoughts on “Inside Rihanna's Trip to Malawi for Education”

  1. Africa it has curse this is embarrassment due to our soul is bad why white man can controlled us and we stay to know that white man don't love us

  2. who do u think you are talking badly about Ariana grande and other i will advice u to think before u write

  3. I love you so much tasya rosmala the new pallapa you all the best πŸ‘πŸ’―β€β€β€

  4. Thanks Rhianna for helping Malawian children. I love Malawi and indeed we extend ourselves by helping others. Any help makes a difference. I wish the young man success in life. I hope he becomes something with his positive attitude.

  5. It reminds me how I get Educated, now looking foward for PhD,,,bt I learn from this difficult situation and condition, were I go to xul without eating bt cling on my goal towards the end…our governments need to care about rural pple..together is powerful..Im really inspired

  6. Africa would be rich and their children would not be in this situation but the only thing that caused this continent to be this way behind is CORRUPTION and WAR

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