Inside Education S18 Ep15 Clip | PBS Kids Writers Contest Now Accepting Submissions

Do you know a student with
a knack for writing stories? If so, we have a great
opportunity coming up. The Vegas PBS Kids
Writers Contest is accepting submissions
up until March 23. Let’s find out
what we need to know. Joining us are Neal
and Nina Pomerantz– yes, they are
brother and sister and also past award winners. Also joining us
is Jessica Russell from Vegas PBS
to tell us more. Welcome to all of you. Nina and Neal, thank you
so much for joining us. Let me start out,
Nina, with you. You’re in what grade?
-Fifth grade. -Okay. So you’ve
entered how many times? -Five times. -You obviously like to write;
tell me why that is. (Nina Pomerantz)
I have a very
creative imagination, and so many ideas
are going through my brain at one time that my brain
is going crazy, so I have so many story
ideas that I can enter. -You’ve got to write
them down, right? -Yes. -A lot of authors
will say that, they just have to
come out in some way. Neal, tell me what
grade you’re in. -I’m in third grade. -And you’ve also entered
a number of times. How many times?
-Three times. -And you actually
both have won. There’s a first, second
and third place– and Jessica
will explain this– but first, second and third
for each grade level. Which award did you win? -I won first place
last year. -Oh, my gosh!
What was the story about? -My story was about a boy
who wanted to be his dad because no one
would play with him. He said to himself
if he changed to his dad, everyone would want
to play with him because he would be
taller and stronger. -That’s great. -So one day he did
and in the morning, he had to do some things
that his dad normally does but he wasn’t
expecting to do it. He had to wash the car,
clean the fish bowl and play with the kids. -This is something
you kind of thought of; sometimes ideas come to you
in dreams or something. You also have
an active imagination. Where do you come up
with these ideas? -Mostly from reading
because I usually read two or three books
at a time too. -And that triggers
something? -Yes.
-Okay. Jessica, let’s get to
some of the details here. Who can enter and when
do they need to enter by? (Jessica Russell)
We have a contest
that’s open for kindergarten
through fifth grade. The deadline is 5 p.m.
on Friday, March 23. As long as the stories
are hand-delivered, mailed, or if you’re in
the School District, school-mailed, you will
meet that deadline. -And there’s an award
for each grade level, first, second
and third place? -Exactly. Each grade level
is judged independently against the peers
and then a first, second and third place is awarded
for each grade level. -Okay. Nina, what would you
say to someone watching that maybe isn’t as
advanced in writing stories or coming up
with their own ideas? What would you say
to a student thinking maybe I could do this,
but I’m not sure. What advice
would you give them? -Maybe read books
that you like to read and then maybe
think of some ideas similar to the story
and then you can get the brainstorm,
a lot of more ideas. Then you can pick
the story you like best and build upon it. -And you’ve also won–
once? -Three times. -Three times? See,
that’s pretty good. That’s awesome. Your last story was called
“The Gummy Bear Tree.” Were you surprised
when you won? It seems like you have
a lot of experience. -I didn’t win last year. I won in kindergarten,
first and third grade. -Well, I think you’ve given
great advice to students. Where do people go
if they want to find out more
about this? -All of our rules and
entry forms are online at You can download them,
fill them out and submit them
with your story, and good luck. -And good luck
to both of you. Thanks for coming today.
(both) Thank you.

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