Inside ED: What I Appreciate the Most About Teachers

Inside Ed: What I appreciate the Most About
Teachers Karen Stratman, Former High School Teacher:
“What I appreciate most about teachers is what they contribute to a school community. Teachers know that it’s important to have
a kind, supportive, caring environment and the work they do to create that in their schools
every day is really important.” Robin Utz, Former Middle School Teacher:
“What I appreciate about teachers is that they have committed their gifts and talents
to the profession of teaching. It is one of the hardest jobs.” Marek Laco, Former High School Teacher:
“I mean it’s an exhausting job. You know the students are going to bring so
much energy and so much excitement, sometimes a little trouble with them each and every
day and so as a teacher you have to be at the top of your game all the time and to really
channel that energy students bring and channel it into something productive.” Kara Neumann, Former 4th Grade Teacher:
“To really bring children into your life as sort of a family and cultivate that appreciation
for them in your classroom. Doing that takes a lot of kind hard work.” Jennifer Todd, Former 1st Grade Teacher:
“We almost expect them to have this superhuman strength. I think ‘why is that?’ and I think it’s because
all of us can look back at that one teacher who was that superhero to us. So, I think I’d say I appreciate their perseverance.” Carly Robb, Former High School Teacher:
“Their ongoing, forever dedication to the kids. They do whatever it takes for however long
it takes to get that kid where they need to be.” Franka Dennis, Former Middle School Teacher:
“So, what I appreciate most about teachers is their ability to be tenacious in everything
they do. They never give up, they always reach out
to students and believe in the success of every student.” Jonas Linde, Former High School Teacher:
“What I appreciate most about teachers is all the work that they do that they don’t
have to do. The hours spent tutoring students after school,
volunteering as a coach for a team or for student activities. The time they spend lesson planning, the things
that they do and go the extra mile on not because they think they are going to get paid
for but because they just love the work that they do and just want their students to be
successful.” From all of us at the U.S. Department of Education… Thank you, teachers. We appreciate you!

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