Inside ED: Thank You Teachers

Inside ED Thank You Teachers
Robin Utz: Former Middle School Teacher “I would like to thank teachers for being
positive role models, for being caring adults, and for being the advocate for our students.” Richard Pettey: Former High School Teacher
“I think that teachers are doing everything that they can to ensure that their students
are set up for success.” Franka Dennis: Former Middle School Teacher
“Teachers sacrifice every day whether it’s sacrificing their time for lunch, whether
it’s sacrificing their real lunch for another student to eat. I’ve known of an instance where a teacher
sacrificed her shoes so a student can have shoes to walk home.” Jonas Linde: Former High School Teacher
“I would thank current teachers for all of the different hats that they wear. You know, they don’t just come to class and,
you know, teach the lesson they are project managers, they are nurses, they are, you know,
surrogate parents and social workers sometimes. There are so many different responsibilities
they take on because they love their students.” Marek Laco: Former High School Teacher
“I think all these sometimes aren’t appreciated or recognized but they make such a big difference
for families, for students, and for the community.” Kara Neumann: Former 4th Grade Teacher
“I would thank current teachers for really just giving of themselves 100 percent, completely
every day. They do something beautiful with their life. It’s truly a vocation and they deserve to
be celebrated and appreciated for the impact they make with all of our students across
the nation.”

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