Inside ED: Most Rewarding Part of Being a Teacher

Inside ED Most Rewarding Part of Being a Teacher
Richard Pettey: Former High School Teacher “The most rewarding part of being a teacher
was connecting with students beyond the walls of my classroom, helping ensure
that students had what they they needed to move onto whatever was next for them after
high school.” Jennifer Todd: Former 1st Grade Teacher
“It wasn’t about just the lesson or teaching the standard, but it’s about what you teach
that can last with these students for a lifetime.” Franka Dennis: Former Middle School Teacher
“The impact is what’s most rewarding because you get a sense of ‘I’m doing this now and
it doesn’t feel great’ but it pays itself back eventually.” Kara Neuman: 4th Grade Teacher
“Whether it was seeing a child finally get a concept, or simply having a child run into
your classroom to show you something they did when they were home because they were
so excited to see you and tell you. There were small moments everyday that kept
me going.” Marek Laco: Former High School Teacher
“Seeing them grow individually and as a class together is something special. Gaining the confidence to participate in a
class discussion or, you know, making a mistake, having some challenge or some setback, learning from
that and getting better.” Carly Robb: Former High School Teacher
“The most rewarding part of being a teacher was running into students many years after
the fact and seeing that they are doing well. You just see that you were a part, even if
it was a tiny bit, of their life.” Jonas Linde: Former High School Teacher
“Now I see them move onto starting careers, building a family, and serving in the military. It’s great to know that I got to play a small
part in their success stories.” Robin Utz: Former Middle School Teacher
“I can’t pick just one most rewarding part. It is a lifetime of rewards. Each student comes with a story and the teacher
has the influence to help that student create the story.” From all of us at the U.S. Department of Education… Thank you, teachers. We Appreciate you! Inside ED: Thank You Teachers

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