Inside ED: Hispanic Heritage Month 2019 Stories

My Hispanic heritage means to me getting to be a part of a culture that is really deep-rooted
and unique and meaningful. I think my experience has always been defined
by food, and family and faith. And really the interesting part of my background
is that I come from this intersection of the Mexican culture where my grandmother and her
family was from and the Texan culture where I was raised and that unique blend of Tex-Mex
really defines who I am. [JOSÉ]
Hispanic heritage is my foundation. It defines me. The traditions and the values that have been
handed to me from my parents really have instilled a sense of honor and respect and it influences
everything I do in my life. [DANIELA]
So Hispanic heritage to me is something to celebrate. It’s one reason we can all celebrate who we
are, where we come from, our family stories, histories, traditions. And this month of Hispanic Heritage Month
it’s a time for the nation to reflect – and families like mine to reflect – on what we contribute to this country and to our society. [CELESTE]
So, my Hispanic heritage means to me being a Texan – I’m a Tejana. I come from a long line of Texans. My family likes to talk about how we’ve been
in Texas before it was in the United States – before it was Texas. [CODY]
I’m very proud of my Hispanic heritage. When my family moved here from Spain and from
Mexico, they unfortunately lost their connection to their roots. So, for me it’s about self-discovery and learning
about where we came from. [AIMEE]
When I think about my Hispanic heritage I can’t help but recall my mother and my father
and when I think of them and everything that they have experienced, what comes to mind
is leaving behind all their worldly possessions in Cuba and coming to this country with a
willingness to work hard, with a can-do spirit and with a deep love of family and respect
for the freedom and opportunity that this country has provided for them.

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