20 thoughts on “Insane Taekwondo Skills 2016”

  1. I want to do taekwondo but I can't​ go to any institution because there are no institution near me but I want to learn taekwondo 😢

  2. Imagine having a classmate like them and saying they are nerds and you end up on home with no sign of a normal skin color, just pure dust, wounds and black eyes

  3. I currently practice Judo, but I've always wanted to learn a striking art, and Taekwondo is pretty high on then list next to Krav Maga. I love martial arts!!! ^^ ♥️♥️♥️

  4. Very acrobatic, but how does it fare in a fight, not in a circus routine?. There is a reason why you never see this (or karate, the other big money grab) in ufc.

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