Insane Chinese Cooking Skills | Amazingly Delicious Street Food in India

29 thoughts on “Insane Chinese Cooking Skills | Amazingly Delicious Street Food in India”

  1. Mmmm it likes very delicious I love Asia food is the best food in the world sjalom sjalom Jeffrey 🍀🌞☕😘🌴🙏🙏.

  2. That's not Chinese cooking skills. Indians have so much to learn. The first thing I noticed was his wok wasn't prepared correctly. He didn't seasoned it first to burn it in.

  3. Insane when you get your cholesterol checked after eating all that oil or insane amount of time you will have the sh*^ts and be stranded on the toilet?

  4. I never add ajinomoto. I don't find it necessary because with the soy sauce, garlic and chili's their is no reason to use it. Plus I use enough spices so MSG is not required.

  5. Not sure why this is "insane"

    I really dislike the Indian way of "slapping" or rapidly putting something down thus causing a noise. It's as if they are trying to signal that "yes I do this, but I'm only doing it because I have to." If you watch enough of Indian folks doing stuff you'll notice it. Like if it's such hassle that you have to slam down whatever you're doing, then don't do it. If you're gonna do it… refine it and have some pride in it.

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