Innovations in Global Practice – Boston College School of Social Work

[Narrator]: just talk in general about, I mean, it's your first time in this country, it's your first job doing
fieldwork. [Michael]: So, I think broadly being in the field, first time being in India,
especially doing a lot of field work with local villages and the community, I
think something that stood out to me is the essence of just being feeling very
welcome I feel like a lot of people that we have spoken with have been very open. Welcoming us into their homes, as well as their lives and telling us
about what they do and being very transparent, which I think, coming from
the states and other issues domestically that we might have or other business
issues that we've studied, you don't always get that atmosphere and I think as
someone who is totally foreign, first time being here, I think that…I think
we take that for granted so I think that's something that's stood out for me. [John] Well, coming here I literally had no idea what to expect, but
what I've enjoyed most I think is, like Mike said, they're so
friendly and welcoming, but more of their openness to accept us but also
tell us, answer all our questions very openly and basically just
share everything that they're thinking and they've also expressed a lot of
interests in these products and how we can help them. [Michael]: yeah just another point of the just thinking related to Durga and kind of vote I've been studying is
the complexity of the issue is something that I think coming from being in a
classroom you don't pick up on really how many moving parts are, so whether
it be financing, understanding of the actual local culture and community, how
that plays into it. Especially, how you know you don't see that. You think you
make a product if there's demand that's just met or whatever it is, but that's
never the case and also just the idea of consumer trust and how that really plays
into building out and creating a product for people. So, I think the complexity of
that is something that we overlooked. [Narrator]: What was the biggest surprise so far? [John]: Everything's a surprise. (laughing) So, I've had the
opportunity to be involved with research on the SoUL project for over a year now,
but this was a unique opportunity because we got to get some undergraduate
students involved and I think the most interesting part has been they're from a
business background and so a completely different sort of educational experience
to date, most of it in the classroom. They've had some great experiences in
the US with businesses there but prior to the trip it's really hard to
articulate what to expect and so it's been really fantastic to take them here
and get them to experience different villages, different shop owners, and also
just meeting the team at IIT and all the work that they do and I think hopefully
it's been an eye-opening experience for them. It'll be really interesting to see
what they take away from it and also how we can continue doing this with IIT and
hopefully get more students involved.

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