Ingrid Anderson, College of Education, 2019 Researcher of the Year

– My name is Ingrid Anderson, and I am an assistant
professor of practice in the College of Education here at Portland State University. So, 30 years ago, I started as
an early childhood educator, and I worked as a nanny, I
worked in center-based programs, and then I went into working with things like the city government with our state department of education, with our county department of education and school districts, and
always I had a question, and what I wanted to really know, was why wasn’t this quite working the way I thought it should? Early childhood education is
often amazingly undervalued, and my goal is really to support
early childhood educators in having their voice heard
and having the complexity of what lives in the
early childhood classroom revealed, as well. If we honor children for who they are, and we support and nurture
those capacities for curiosity, for wonder, then we really
have not only our presence, but a future that is based on the ability to solve the complex problems of the world that we have not been able to address, and so my goal is to
look towards children, because they have the
answers that we’re lacking. My name is Ingrid Anderson, and I support the incredible capacity of children and families
through my research.

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