Information Literacy Tutorial: ENG 101

hi this is Anne Pemberton I'm one of the librarians at Randall library welcome to the information literacy tutorial for English 100 and 101 this tutorial replicates the typical face-to-face session that on-campus students attend for English 100 or 101 before you complete the tutorial please be sure that you understand your assignment and that you're aware of what types of resources you might need to complete your assignment this tutorial covers different topics than what you may have learned about in your first-year seminar class we're going to cover the following an overview of the get started researching process how to find background information using library tools instead of using Wikipedia or Google how to focus on a specific topic how to effectively search library tools using a keyword search how to find books or book chapters using the search box on the library home page how to find articles using the search box on the library home page and finally how to get help take a minute and think about the research topic you've selected if you haven't picked a topic then consider the topic of recycling perhaps you might be more specific and consider what motivates people to recycle now take a minute and think about this if you are going to teach a friend how to do research on your topic what steps would you tell them to take let's see if your steps match what librarians recommend we're gonna go to the library homepage and under help click on the get started researching guide this is a great starting point for doing research I'm gonna briefly walk you through the steps on the guide and then on your own you can review the steps and the links and tutorials given for each step keep in mind that research is often not a perfect linear path sometimes you have to go back to the beginning and start all over so here are the steps that we recommend step 1 choose a research topic step 2 find background information step 3 develop a search strategy or what we call a keyword search step 4 find books and articles step 5 evaluate your sources step 6 cite your sources and finally step 7 write your paper and get it reviewed step 5 evaluating sources was discussed thoroughly in the Uni first year seminar library session so we're going to focus on a few of the other steps after you've decided on your research topic you're going to want to find background information you've likely used Wikipedia in the past for this finding background information can be useful when beginning a research project it will help you define your research question give you fundamental knowledge about the topic provide you with key words to use in your search for books and articles and more in step 2 you'll see that there are several resources that the library subscribes to for finding background information these are credible reliable sources of information let's look at two of them credo reference and sirs knowledge source credo reference has a search box built right into this page so you'll want to put in your research topic here for example I might want to get background information about recycling this database will provide resources from subject specific encyclopedias and other sources there are even videos available here sirs knowledge source is a similar resource but in addition to providing entries from subject specific encyclopedias you can also retrieve articles from other sources including magazines and newspapers sirs knowledge source is also a good place to go when you're choosing a topic on the right side of the screen you'll see the top 10 pro vs. con topics if you click on more issues you'll see a giant list of topics if you're taking English 100 you'll find the global impact button in sirs useful to click on a topic and then click on global impact here you'll find information about the global impact of an issue rather than information that focus is just on the United States after you find background information you're likely going to have a more focused idea about what you want to research and write about when you begin to search other Randall library research tools you'll need to create a keyword search this is the most effective way to search the library's tools so be sure to watch this quick video to learn about keyword searching after you've created your keyword search there are links here to our main search tool you'll enter your keyword search for example motivation and recycling and plastic then you'll see a list of results for scholarly articles articles from magazines and newspapers books videos and more for more information about how this Tool Works please watch the video here you can get assistance with the research process at any time on the right side of the get started research guide you'll see that you can connect with a librarian through chat email or phone you can also stop by and get help at the research help desk you can also use the assignment calculator if you want these steps broken down even more specifically it will also allow you to enter a start date and finish date you can get email reminders along the way my research strategy walks you through the steps of creating an effective keyword search this can be really helpful when you aren't getting the results that you want please keep in mind that we are always here to help so let us know what we can do you you

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