INFORMATION LITERACY | Live for the Truth | Aliban, Baylomo, & Suarez

what is what is information I mean II saw maybe continues or what's the difference you can see that an infant information and without being processed such as in the process of printing and formatting we come check out Philemon and eventually output later information when packaged or used for understanding or doing something becomes knowledge with knowledge here comes literacy literacy by definition is the ability to read and write in the modern world this is one way of interpreting literacy one more broad interpretation sees literacy as knowledge and competence in a specific area the concept of literacy has evolved in meaning the modern terms meaning has been expanded to include the ability to use language numbers images computers and other basic needs to understand communicate gain useful knowledge and use the dominant symbol systems of a culture this ginger we all know the importance of information literacy first understand the difficult question of ownership and copyright second independent lifelong learner is essential to achieve high level of information occurs third required to have critical thinking approach fourth students should learn to respect author's writing and lastly students should recognize that all information is created equal how useful is it to become an information literacy so first it is the basis of a lifelong learning of to master content and according to Mount Allison University you have the information second you have to access the information effectively and efficiently third evaluate the information and its sources in our world today significant and accurate information has always played a huge role in our lives may you be a student a parent an employee a boss or an entire organization information has become the building block of this entire civilization but what can happen if either a false data error or a fake news break into the public the message could indeed be transmitted into the many interview even links of communication and into the receivers and when fully distributed and utilize the system stern little and meek why because miscalculation misinformation and mistrust have prevailed how to defeat all this practice practice and nurture oneself to become an information literate individual be one of us and live for the truth this has been Christian wall Suarez and maybe even is me never believe all that year always varied by traditional source of information

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