48 thoughts on “Influence & Persuasion: Crash Course Media Literacy #6”

  1. I used to love videogames a lot more but nowadays many of them use those limited time events that I began to hate after a while because of that addictive feeling that I need to get a scarce thing which followed by spending a lot of time on getting it. That's why today I usually prefer a single player PC videogame over an mmo. That's why I don't even look at mobile gaming anymore.

  2. 0:30 I think I finished the first one but I'm not sure. And you're shocked that there are people living outside of the united states?

  3. 1:04 when he said “today we’re going to un-hack your brain on advertising” and the familiar melody of the theme song ironically appeared, i realized that this was an advertising as well

  4. I didn't get any of the references. I'm home-schooled, why do you think I am watching this? Nice videos by the way

  5. CHECK SHIRTS,,There's a subliminal marketing message,I feel the need to wear a CHECK SHIRT,.it will give me the Mr Smooth deep dulcet tone,his voice has.Makeing me more attractive to women and improve my life…

  6. Crash Course — because you deserve to know!
    Watch Crash Course so you can be smarter than the neighbours!
    I know that because I watched it on Crash Course!

    ok ok i'll let the experts come up with the slogans.

  7. the first one was actually mcdonalds i am loving it so you were off with your own ad

    thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid still and luckily ads dont work i havent been to a mc donalds in ever and i have been trying to boycott it since i was 4 if not younger (that got me yelled at several times)

  8. They say a man should always dress for the job he wants, so why am I dressed up like a pirate in this restaurant?

  9. On point. This reminded me of our class discussions, even made me understand more because of the relevant examples.

  10. Love the vids, but why does the Kate Winslet cartoon always look like she is in a straight-jacket? Can't stop seeing it!

  11. tech deck was super popular when i was in middle school. i just had to have one, and i persuaded my grandmother to buy me one. i never use it now

  12. I saw an example of "using crappy logic to get you to buy something" just the other day. Somebody went through how ridiculously difficult it is to make a weighted blanket (used by autistic folks etc.). The most ridiculous point they made was about cost.

    See, in the real world, the monetary cost of making something yourself = the cost of materials. That's not how they put it. They asked you to imagine yourself paying $15 an hour to make it, driving the cost up past $100. Therefore, it was reasonable to… buy a weighted blanket from the author. The whole damn article was a cleverly-concealed advertisement.

    Unless you decided to make a weighted blanket by taking time off work (where you were apparently paid $15 an hour) to make the whole thing, the cost does not add up. If your cost of materials is more like $30, then congratulations, you have over $70 left that you can spend on other things, like food and rent.

    This sort of thing especially drives me nuts when it's a medical thing that many people have trouble affording. These blankets can make a huge difference for autistic people like myself, but they are expensive as balls, especially for adult sizes. That someone would take advantage of people's desperation disgusts me.

    (Note: making such a thing is definitely not for everyone. What angers me is that the article tried to turn people away from making their own, even if they might be perfectly capable of making it.)

  13. I must have an abnormal brain. Often when presented with a consensus viewpoint (eg "everyone has an iPhone" or "every family owns a car") I think to myself, "I have a better solution."

  14. Love how there was a Big Brother poster in one of the animation scenes. I always think about 1984 while watching this series.

  15. Great and very informative video! Would like to point out that the line stating that advertising for cosmetics can "cause" eating disorders and depression seems incredibly simplistic and misleading. They can be contributing factors, yes, but it is particularly harmful to claim that advertising is a direct cause of eating disorders. This has long-been dismissed and genetic factors are considered to be much more important.

  16. This is the second video of this series that did not appear on my subscriptions page, Despite the active notification bell. Something's up…

  17. You have an audience that is wider than the US. You shouldn't be surprised that a large proportion of viewers does not recognize any of the jingles in the beginning of the video.

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