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Indus Valley Civilisation one of the earliest urban civilizations in India and in fact the world was the Indus Valley Civilisation also called the Harappan culture about 5000 years ago a group of nomads traveling from Sumeria the present-day Iran entered Northwest India near present-day Karachi these nomads found a land so richly fertile by the banks of the river Indus that they settled there without hesitation this area was abundant with water fodder and fuel over the next thousand years the immigrants spread over an area of half a million square miles excavations proved that the level of urban planning and architecture prevalent here was incomparable the anchor for this civilization lay in the beautiful twin cities of mohenjo-daro and Harappa the name mohenjo-daro means mound of the Dead in Sindhi the city was built around 2600 BC these cities were made up of bricks either baked mud or wood bricks the baked bricks were a superior version of the sun-dried bricks used in other civilizations the amazing part was that the workers made every brick of the same size the type of brick used ensured the durability of the buildings despite a population of about 30,000 the city had one of the best sanitation systems each house had a well from which it drew water from a bathing room the wastewater was directed into covered drains along the main streets since all the streets were well drained the city remained dry and clean this is evidence of a very modern method of sanitation and sewerage mohenjo-daro was primarily an agricultural city it was situated below the great mountain ranges with rivers flowing abundantly through the land depositing rich fertile soil this made evident the fact that agriculture was the main occupation further proof of this is the presence of a large well a central marketplace and several granaries in the city near the granary was the great public bathhouse known as the great bath steps led down to a pool lined with bricks in a huge courtyard the beautiful bath area had a layer of natural tar this was to prevent it from leaking in the center of the bath area was a swimming pool the purpose of the great bath was assumed to be for ritualistic bathing this is a practice followed by Hindus even today houses were well protected from noise odor and thieves each house opened out onto inner courtyards and smaller lanes so it was safe although some houses were larger than the others the city seemed to promote an equal society for all houses had the same kind of access to water and drainage the city had an impressive defense structure in place as well though it lacked outer walls there were defensive towers in the west and south since other in the cities had stronger defense systems in place it is speculated that perhaps mohenjo-daro was only an administrative center

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  1. I think it is incorrect to say that migrations settled and started the Indus valley civilisation. it is supposed to be indigenous civilisation like the Sumer… please fact check.

  2. Actually Aryans went to west Asia then the came to India when they came to India they were known as indo-aryans

  3. As on date There is no evidence to whom indus belongs to, but it definitely doesn't belong to Arabs or islam or Sanskrit or Bramins or Aryans who have class or caste system.

  4. who told u that sumerians came to india and founded indus vally civilization erly man came there about 70 000 years ago and they are civilized in about 6000 bc

  5. thank you so much ma'am it is very helpful for all history teachers n students. your explanation is up to the mark, outstanding

  6. Shame on you. Providing false information in a very diligent way. First research well on Indian history properly before uploading. Well I suggest you to remove this video and post new video with right information coz ur presentation is good.

  7. This is totally wrong. Today science and DNA has the final say.
    The Aryan Race Hoax: Ideological Roots of Nazism Scientifically Debunked

  8. Clearly Indus valley civilization was started by Aryans or Brahmins and Other OCs like Kashtriyas and vysyas and sudras! This same architecture that's in Indian old towns ie agrahara and ooru! Which has in it's Center temple then man made water pond near it or temple tank, houses built with bricks, wells, under ground drainages, etc., (All these were built outside our Native India's colonies or camps which we started around natural water resources, we too as Humans had our own Adaptations and Evolution! Huts made of hay, we had seeds, cows, hens, goats, we knew about different medicinal plants, could make fire, small tools etc.,) But, these kind of architectures that's built with bricks was found even in Egypt near Nile, near Tigris river and Indus valley! These Brahmins are actually Persians or Eurasians who were searching for India especially because of it's fame in Ancient world for best environmental conditions, diverse crops, plants and trees, fertile land, water resources and riches like gold and diamonds. In that quest for India they travelled all over the Deserts and out of adaptation and necessity learned to read stars, galaxies, planets, routes, worshiping the nature that helped them in their travel like bonfire, water, sun,moon,etc., went everywhere near by like Egypt and found the Sahara desert and came back, then to northern part that is mesapatomia there its still cold so came back, then eastern part here they started Indus valley civilization because they were stopped by the Thaar Desert on their way but found rivers in Indus valley and settled there, but often they had difficulties of flood, so called it a Mohanjadhaaro which means 'Heap of Devils' started again to search for South India by crossing the desert finally found it, got settled here with their fake religion with that they engulfed our Native Indian's Kingdoms, religion and culture. They invented conspiracy theories like varna system, janma stories, mainly black magic and deceived native Indians or Dalits. In that process they very badly cheated native Indians whom they portrayed as Asuras, Rakshasas, Vanaras, Harijanas, Dalits, now SC/STs, these Brahmins and other OCs and BCs were constantly changing our names also to make us forget the past, but thank God they formed their religious stories though exaggerating, talks about us, these Hindu mythological stories contains Gods and Devils (They are Gods because they have fair skin, we are Devils because we have dark skin because of Environmental Conditions here!) Our people were and are Innocent naturally because our Mother land has everything, we never travelled anywhere, we never invaded or intruded anybody, because that's not needed basically as we have everything here! We are dark in color because of our land! But, we had many Invaders and Intruders who troubled us, cheated us, used us, killed us, sexually exploited us, made us to become labourers in our own country😢😭 still these bastard Brahmins are doing it with their caste/varna system! They are Intruders or Cheaters never did any war like Muslims! Next British came, now British are working from America spoiling India's riches that I mentioned earlier, the diversity!
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  9. These OCs and BCs will not agree with this, because they are not ready to leave India until they drink last drop of it's blood!

  10. We SC/STs are real Indians, they have Intruded our country, Oppressed and Trampled us,a sexually exploited our women and children were used as Child Labourers!😭👊 Aryanst are he ones to build Indus valley and all River valley civilizations! Aryan Dravidian theory is yet another modern day conspiracy, definitely spreaded by Brahmins that are in all the departments, like Orchialogy as well because of Caste feeling in India! Plz stop this propaganda!
    Aryans are present day Brahmins, other OCs and BCs that is people who are part of Varna Triangle! They always had their Hierarchical Traingular Society mainly the later ones like Egypt, Indus valley and India ie may be for 3 to 5000 years! And also these are the ones to enslave Isrealites in Bible😭! The one seal found in Indus Valley that you call as 'Siva and pasupathi seal' is wrong perception, it's actually Hindu God 'Brahma' with 4 heads in which only 3 heads will be visible from front, also this seal shows many animals around him and he is sitting in a Yoga posture after creating and has stretched his arms downwards, for Hindus still Brahma is the creator and many seals and carvings of star and swastic, the very baked bricks, lime stones, granits used in building structures found in persia, Egypt pyramids, Mesapatomia, Indus valley, china pyramids, wells, citadel in the center and temple tanks and also around the temple there will buildings of houses for 4 varnas ie four hierarchy, that is for Brahmins (in Indus 2/3 storied- in Egypt Eagle face Human body) , Kshatriyas (3 storied – Pharoahs, lion body humans head ), Vysyas (1 or 2 storied some other bird head and human body ) and Sudras ie BCs( in Indus for workers only single room houses and Dog face with Human body representation in Egypt), games like dice & chess, pottery, dance, music, instruments, etc., All these clearly proves that this is the civilization of Aryans 3-5 thousand years back ie before intruding India, which was their quest for almost 3 to 5, 000 years that made them go to Egypt, Mesapatomia, Indus valley, even China from Persia or Eurasia! Why you whites or English are also twisting the facts!? I guess both of you whites from snow and yellowish from Deserts want to destroy blacks of India and Africa to settle down here but God is there to protect us thats why he had created natural borders with deserts and mountains to our continents, your skin color and cunning knowledge because of Adaptations to extreme weather conditions proves that the ideas you get are from Satan only, plz repent and know that God has made us also as Humans and we too have all the feelings that you have in fact we are more lovable, kind and hardworking! May be Satan only has given that proudness and arrogance which u got because of your beauty, intelligence, musical talents, etc., (Ezekial 28: 13-19, Isaiah 14:12-14, 1Samuel 16:7, Proverbs 31:30)But remember Satan was also formed like this but thrown out of Heaven because of his proudness only! Plz. Repent and help us Native Indians or SC/STs or 'Dalits' (Brahmins have named us like this in their sanskrit which means Trampled or Oppressed!), in chasing these bad and cheap Charcter Morons or Aryans from our country!So that we can prove ourselves in every field as an Independent country unlike in the past 2,000 years or so!

  11. This called a bronze age. { Chalcolithic age ( copper age and Bronze age ) }
    There were 4 mean civilization are the world
    #Harappan civil., #Egyptian civil., #Mesopotamian civil. , #Babylonian civil.

  12. U r telling a false history Indus valley civilisation is a Indian civilisation and there is no Aryan invasion occurred

  13. Indus valley civilization belongs to tamil .. language script,art, monuments everything are very closer to tamils.. more over keeladi near madurai,tamilnadu also very closer to Indus valley civilization..

  14. THIS INFO IS COMPLETELY WRONG. Aryan migration theory is false and proven time and time again. I don't understand why Indians themselves believe this.. it's dad because that's what they were taught.

  15. Plenty of false info. Recent studies show that Indus valley predates Egypt's Pharos and Mesopotamia. So how come they were inhibited by Sumerians? AND MANY MORE

  16. There are researchers who believe that it was from southern part of India people migrated to Indus valley and then they migrated to Sumeria and other parts of the world. Because once they all spoke one language. That is Tamil. The Slovak word for science is Veda. School originated from skola. And many other words have Tamil origin rather than Sanskrit. Indus script was deciphered using Tamil.

  17. WTF, Is this a Congress and Left propaganda? How many times that this Aryan theory has been proved false but still some pig heads still don't get it and want to preach the same thing and even British have agreed as false.

  18. Indus valley civilization is still exist as Hindu's before making any documents study our scripture under authorized person and make any documentary don't follow false aryan invasion theory and don't imagine of your own

  19. Our civilization was wrongly mentioned by Britishers who want to destroy our culture and implement their own thoughts

  20. Excuseme this civilization was not in India it was in subcontinent and you are using wrong word India it was Hindustan or Hind the subcontinent was called Hindustan and not India .This civilization is Pakistan's province , although the people living in here moved to India but it is know in Pakistan that's why it's no longer Indian kind of thing .

  21. invasion/migration to india theory had been rejected by science. please check:

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