Indigenous Education

[MUSIC PLAYING] Imagine a future where
you find the path that guides you to your career
goals and aspirations. Now imagine a school that can
help you achieve those goals while connecting you to the
rich traditions, culture, and knowledge of Canada’s
indigenous peoples. And promoting a greater
understanding of Aboriginal, indigenous worldviews for all. Red River College works
closely with students, staff, and members of the community
to ensure that First Nations Inuit, and Metis
learners feel welcome, and have access to the
supports and services that lead to success. We’re committed to providing
indigenous students with the knowledge and skills
to become confident, educated, and employable members
of Manitoba’s workforce, while also helping
them gain a greater awareness of their identity,
culture, language, and history. We offer a range of academic
programs and supports designed specifically to ensure
retention in such fields as business, engineering,
pre-employment trades, Aboriginal-Indigenous languages,
and self-determination. Our goal is to help learners
maximize their potential in the classroom while feeling
welcomed by their instructors and peers, as part of the
larger college community. We realize that pursuing
your educational goals can be a difficult,
demanding process. We also realize
that the best way to help you achieve
your goals is by creating an
environment in which you feel happy and supported. That’s why we aim to provide you
with all the comforts of home, and to promote respect and
awareness among all students, in order to assist you as
you adjust to college life. From on-site elders
and cultural advisors to community feasts, sharing
circles, and graduation pow-wows, we’re committed
to proving that education isn’t a solitary journey. Rather, one that’s supported
by a strong network of friends and peers, education,
support, access, community. Contact us now to learn more
about our holistic approach to helping make your
goals a reality.

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