Indian Heroes of PUBG | Ep 2: Mortal | Naman Mathur | First Interview

When they saw my name they did not come to Georgopol. People were like… “Oh Mortal has joined the game.” I would like to introduce myself as a PUBG Mobile gamer and a streamer as well as someone
who would want gaming to be at a level where it can, you know? influence someone… to play more and build it
as a career option. So we had consoles PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2… We had PC games like… Dangerous Dave Super Mario Bros. Contra GTA San Andreas Counter Strike was one of the… you know… most addictive games
at the that point. There was a game called
Mini Militia. I started playing it in 2015. I began YouTube through that particular game called
Mini Militia. My parents were like… “Turn it off!” “How long will you
keep playing video games?” Because we used to
continue playing overnight. We used to play through the day. We played games
inside the college… and outside as well. At home, it was a little strict. “What will you gain
out of it?” “Better focus on studies.” But I took it lightly… Because I was studying B.Com that is why I took it lightly. And I used to play more and focus on my YouTube a little more than usual. First of all because
of the nature Okay? You can communicate
with each other. There are 100 people dropping in… you have to survive
with your teammates. Your co-ordination, your strategies… You have to kill opponents
and loot them. I mean, this game had
everything. The trend can control anything. Streaming has been
controlled by the trend. If there was no trend
of PUBG Mobile… streaming wouldn’t have been
a thing. I wouldn’t have been there
if there was no PUBG. When PUBG Mobile was launched… it completely changed streaming. There are so many
new streamers now and they’re growing
at a very good rate. One of my videos went viral. Then I realised now is the time… I started with tips and tricks and those videos went viral. And I had videos around that which were showcasing
my PUBG skills. So that’s when I realised… that a lot of people are saying “Wow you’re such a good player.” BRIDGE CAMP! Oh man! OH MAN! These guys are excellent
stream snipers! There can’t be better
stream snipers than these guys.
MORTAL CLUTCH PLEASE. Mortal there’s one guy there! All dead! You killed everybody? Yes bro! Gather around! Okay so it was 7 of us
remaining in one house. Some were on the terrace… some were outside the house. I was the only one left
from my team. Now out of the 6 people… I did not know
how many were squads. Someone could be playing solo. Some could be duos
or three teammates I had no clue. Now at this moment… it is wise to stay
at a low profile. No matter how confident you are you shouldn’t take up a fight. Because they were doing
the same thing right? No one was making a move then I decided to take it
to the heal battle. Heal battle is where the
final zone closes in and you have to apply
your health kits. You have to spam on the
health button and when the zone closed in I started spamming… I was spamming
with my eyes closed. I did not realise
I had only 3 health packs. Right after the third one when I pressed the button I… If I had known that I did not have
another first aid kit I would’ve simply rushed him but but when I heard the
sound of the energy drink can I was like… oh what just happened? Next thing which
came to mind was RUN! And it was that millisecond had I not reached in time I was dead for sure. Now when I was
running to the terrace People ask me
“How did you know… …that he was
on your right side?” Here’s where sound
plays the most important role. When he injected himself I heard that sound. So I knew that he was
on the right side. I went upstairs
and straight to the right I opened blind fire
and he was dead. This was something
absolutely rare. It gave me goosebumps. I became of fan of myself. There were people talking about… Four finger control with help
you play more dynamically. When I joined the community I got to know that
this something new. So I started with
3-finger controls and I carried on
the same thing in PUBG. I never started PUBG
with 2 fingers. I had always played PUBG
using 3 fingers. And then I switched
to 4-finger controls and it works wonders. People have a lot
of problem with You have an iPad so it’s a lot easier for you. But it’s nothing like that. I use my Asus ROG and I use 4-finger controls
on the phone as well. The screen doesn’t make
a difference it’s all about practice. It’s all about giving time and adapting. Because it’s all mind games you’re switching from
2-fingers to 4-fingers So it helps you to
move and shoot it helps you to play
a little dynamically movement, jumping and all. Because you’re using
one finger to move around one finger to
look around one finger to shoot
and another to jump So… it’s everything at once. Why did he jump down? Impressive! Whoa! Oh my god! Deadly! My first superchat
to be honest was of Rs 40
as far as I remember It was claiming support “We have your back… …go for it!” When I reached 500k subscribers I got my highest superchat Rahul Srinivas… Oh my god. Guys we’re not going
to Georgopol today, wait! Thank you so much man! Rs 10,000 superchat. Oh man this is too much! I will surely die soon I can’t concentrate on my game. Yes it is
a new way to socialise you communicate with people
who you don’t know. You talk to them
and find out you live nearby each other. Maybe you might meet
over a coffee or something. If it’s for fun… there’s no problem. You can play on emulator
you can play on a mobile. There’s no point
cursing anyone… “Why are you
playing on emulator?” It is a legal software
Tencent has developed it. I don’t think that
there should be any controversy. Controversies do happen
no doubt There are people
supporting emulator people supporting mobile phone and then there are people
who understand that it doesn’t make
a difference. I’m in that category… which understands
it doesn’t really make a difference There’s also this thing “If you’re playing PUBG Mobile
on a PC… …why don’t you play PUBG PC?” So for that
there is only one reason the mechanism is
absolutely different. It’s only practice
which will make you better. It might take a PC player
a lot of time to adapt to the
mobile game mechanism. As far as I know if you’re a clean
emulator player and you play against
emulator players… it’s absolutely fine. PUBG Mobile has certainly
changed my life because… I was about to get into studies. But then… who knew that
streaming and all this… oh I feel so good. I’ve got so many messages
saying… they put up my stream
after coming back from office because it makes them feel
completely stress-free. Someone couldn’t do well
in their exams… He commented… “Thank you for
uploading this video.” And as a content creator
and a streamer I’ll have to make sure that that this goes on… I got sponsored by Omlet arcade my partnership with
Mr. 8bit_Thug I see them as opportunities and they’re a step towards building a career
in mobile gaming especially. And you know… I’ve this tremendous support
from everyone and… cheers! Thank you! (chuckles)

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  1. Mortal's mom : modiji mera beta din bhar pubg khelta hai or wo stream karta hai

    Modiji : ye 2M wala hai kya

  2. This boy reminds me of dhoni who is always calm and plays the game with his mind and never gives GAALI on his video(ek stream to dekh paye family k baaju mai bedh kar😂)

  3. Koi career ke liya pubg khelta Hain..but hum unlok ko dhek ker pubg khelta hein..apner career damage kar ne ke liya…or jiske pas bhout jade paisa hain oo donate korta hain in log ko..Paisa ka kimat batane ke liya..jisko you tube se milta hein..Ra des ke liya wo Paisa waste koro..kuch inam milanga..

  4. Mortal is not pro the pro is the Chinese guy with 9 finger claw ….

    Crouching, pic left pic right , aiming, shooting and recoil control at the same time

  5. Difference between comment section of mortal interview and dynamo interview shows the respect of people for these two.

  6. Tumhara kya hoga ? Lauda lasoon. Pubg kitne tak chalega ? Lauda lasoon.

    Influencers come and go

    Kids like mortal will come and go .

    But creators stay. They dont perish. Do you know why? Because of the Knowledge and Education.

    Try to learn modelling and programming and grow interest in game design , rather than just playing .

    Grow up .

  7. When i kiled by a hacker if specter him the his nationality will be 90% indian if you write in YouTube how to hack pubg u saw a indian guy shown the instructions of it

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