38 thoughts on “Indian Grandma Reacts To Sex Education | Netflix”

  1. Koi old women ho to call kare mera Lund 8 inch Ka hai only girl hi call kare only U P se ho to ya Uttrakhand se 9870618850

  2. She's so cute!! She liked the fact that the guy wearing orange suit and she are twinning and calls him her friend 😀

  3. സംഭവം ഒക്കെ കിടു ആയി… സീസൺ 2 എന്ന വരുന്നെന്നു പറ 😵😵

  4. Sex education series really awesome i just watch it and come here to see people's reactions but what i found that 90% peoples didn't WATCH yet 😶😶
    I just wanna say that just go and see it is really awesome series with good storyline

  5. Poor Sharan…….In each episode he is getting roasted first it was his grandmother now it's the subtitler.
    Just amazing to see how open the grandmother is about these issues hopefully people in India were more like her.

  6. Netflix India please stop this problem this program not even helping or entertain and if it is (India) why they are talking in English and other language and don't even use and hindi word this a only a time killing show please stop wasting your money on them.

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