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The Indian Council of Forestry Research and
Education (ICFRE) is an autonomous organisation or governmental agency under the Ministry
of Environment and Forests, Government of India. Headquartered in Dehradun, its functions are
to conduct forestry research; transfer the technologies developed to the states of India
and other user agencies; and to impart forestry education. The council has 9 research institutes and
4 advanced centres to cater to the research needs of different bio-geographical regions. These are located at Dehradun, Shimla, Ranchi,
Jorhat, Jabalpur, Jodhpur, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Allahabad, Chhindwara, Aizawl, Hyderabad and
ICFRE is the largest organisation responsible for forestry research in India. ICFRE was created in 1987, under the Central
Ministry of Environment and Forests (India), to direct and manage research and education
in forestry sector in India. ICFRE is headed by a Director General with
headquarters at Dehradun. ICFRE became an autonomous council under the
Ministry in 1991.==Mandate==
The mandate of the ICFRE is to organise, direct and manage research and education in the forestry
sector, including in cooperation with FORTIP (UNDP/FAO Regional Forest Tree Improvement
Project), UNDP and World Bank on economically important species. ICFRE established a National Bureau of Forest
Genetic Resources (NBFGR)===Research perspective===
Conservation, protection, regeneration, rehabilitation and sustainable development of natural forest
ecosystems. Revegetation of barren, waste, marginal and
mined lands. Research on tree improvement. Enhancing productivity of wood and non-wood
forest produce per unit of area per unit time by application of scientific and technological
methods. Research on improved utilisation, recovery
and processing of forest produce for value addition and employment
generation. Ecological rehabilitation of all fragile ecosystems,
such as mountains, mangroves, deserts etc. Socio-economic and policy research for developing
strategies towards attracting people’s participation in forest management.==Research institutes====Advanced research centres====See also

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