[India 2-8 / SUB ] 바라나시 뮤직하우스 습격!!

“This is where we can listen to music and learn.” “We can learn it?” “Everyone? Anytime?” The place where the two men went is a music house where traditional musical instruments can be seen and learned. The two men decided to learn traditional instruments. “Teaching & Performing” “We came at the right time.” “We want to learn musical instruments.” “Tabla. I like the drum.” The original name of Tabla used in North Indian chamber music is Tabla Baya. Each is made of wood or metal, covered with leather, one side produces high treble and one side produces bass. Tabla Baya consists of Tabla, a delicate rhythm with a right-hand fingertip, and Baya, with both hands playing a complex rhythm of Indian music. “Is it different than mine?” He doubts and strikes again with his teacher. He do not have the skills, he put an excuse on the instrument. “How did he do that? What am I doing wrong?” Okay! I know ~ The two men who had not been able to play the instrument easily finally learned. The two men learn music rhythm in earnest. “Wow. That’s so difficult!” Learning is not easy. The hands of two men do not follow as much as the mind that goes ahead. They feel frustrated and try to take a deep breath. “i love you. i love you ” “GirlFriend !!!” If he listen twice to ‘girlfriend’, he will break the drum. ( Just Joke ^^ ) To play an instrument, we must have a loving heart. The teacher says that he will play musical instruments. The two men felt better in the wonderful performance of the teacher. They came to learn musical instruments, but forget to learn and play. The music house is a place for traditional musical instrument classes and performances. The two men go to see the performance. The two men watch traditional Hindustan performances. The music of northern India, including Varanasi around the Ganges River, is called Hindustan music. Tabla, an indispensable part of Hindu music, and Veena, a representative South Indian stringed instrument, play a slow and sad song. Indians say that music has long been used as a means of mental training, not for joy. It is a recent thing to play music to give pleasure to many audiences. Under Shiva god’s favor, Indians seek Baranasi to escape the perpetual reincarnation. The Indians are on the sacred Ganges River to wash their sins Indians pray for freedom in a tough world. Life and death sacred things and unclean things A city in which these conflicting things are clearly coexisting but still in harmony This is Varanasi.

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