20 thoughts on “Incredible Pilot Skills. Emergency Landing Without Wheels.”

  1. А в чем героизм? Что сознание не потеряли, или не обосрались со страху, это их работа, должны быть готовы к этому….

  2. If the pilot had wanted to stop the airplane quicker, he should have slammed it into the control tower…🙂

  3. He'll that just like a regular landing with out lsnding gear…..set it dow n gently and use rudder to maintain proper tract
    If it's really windy other wise a good straight in approach works miricles.

  4. 1:22

    Pilot : " oh my goddd this will be a dangerous landing! "
    Passenger : " Just Imagine if you land a space shuttle! "
    Pilot : " oh yes "

  5. Умения посадить самолёт в сложных ситуациях вот уровень Асса

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