35 thoughts on “Incident Truck Equipment Operator Fails & Skills”

  1. @1:13 you pos lock your load down you fkn goof, I ride a motorcycle and its this sht that kills people.

  2. Все на Россию наговаривают а в гейропе вообще механизаторы передурки

  3. Nothing cooler than watching an amazing shovel operator at work. Some of them are on a whole other level. These fools…aren’t them. In fact, I’ve never seen operators this bad in Canada. Not ever. They are at a god-like level in our industry here. As a driver I have nothing but the highest respect for them. In fact it’s true with most of our heavy equipment operators here. I’ve only ever heard of maybe one or two incidents over my 30 year career in construction and it had more to do with unstable conditions than anything else.

  4. The hydraulic shovel front operator is good. Productivity would increase if they went to a double back up. Zero to 90 degrees swing is 100% plus productivity , more than 90 degrees drops your productivity. (Retired Trainer)

  5. I bet these Spaiardo’s have a very high death rate on their Jobs. No Unions , No OSHA, No Brains . Out of this video I would fire about 1/3 rd of these Operators , Starting with the Superintendent, and Foreman. What a Disaster!

  6. probably the worst youtube-video i have ever seen.. or.. the worst time spent ever online. After 3 mins and 33 sec and I just had to shake my head and tell myself that some people are idiots. Performs.. producers.. the who(r)le shabang. This shit is so retardly boring so World Heavy – you should go back to sucking salami behind 7/11

  7. All these foreign languages make me think that this tractor and operator at about 1:25 were NOT working on the highway potholes we have here in RENO, but if that actually were the case, I'd sure believe it!!

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