In Your Hands (Song for my Teacher)

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  1. This song reminds me of my teacher leaving today on Friday πŸ™ I’m crying badly can’t my teacher come back to me and visit please..

  2. I'm crying right now because I'm going to be in year 6 now and I wanted to be in his class but now I found out by my teacher that he is leaving 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. i love my teacher but tommarow is the last day of 4th grade and i wint see her agian so im writing her this song ill miss her!😭😭😭

  4. I love you teacher…….I had to left my teacher cuz I'm going to the another grade…..that means my teacher is gonna change….I'm not gonna see her anymore 😒….. I've cried for days…..tmorrow was the last day when I hugged her she started 😭 crying……then I started crying….those were my special tears πŸ˜ͺ….. For you ……I hope she is okay …… I love you my bless teacher…..I will never forget you….I hope you I miss you with all of my heart πŸ’”πŸ’•

  5. My teacher, Mrs. DeFrancesco, will never leave me at all costs. Thank you for your service and kindness. I cry when I see or think of you with this song. I will never forget you.

  6. There are some great teachers out there. When my mental health went down hill due to illness and heavy stress in my final year and jumped in to save me just before my grades became too bad to fix and got me through some of the darkest times in my life. I cried on their shoulders whilst they held me in their arms when the stress got too much. They went above and beyond to help me when I needed it trying several different ways of getting me through it before they found one that worked. On one of the worst days of my life after being ill I received a test back in a subject I normally did well in but my mark was way below where it was normally. This triggered something in my brain and I completely broke down over a small irrelevant test during breaktime and was in floods of tears and refused to tell my friends who were panicking what had happened. Someone went to fetch a teacher and managed to find my deputy head of year nearby and available (she knew me well having previously been my form tutor for two years and now my deputy head of year and had a feeling something was wrong with me) she came immediately and practically picked me up off the floor. She held me whilst I cried in a quiet corner of the library and then sat down and helped me go through everything and making a list of all the things that I was missing in terms of work going through my entire homework diary and questioning every piece of work. Then when we were done she told me 'this is a long list but I have faith that you'll manage it somehow'. Over the next few weeks and months I sat in the back of classrooms of my subject teachers whilst they were teaching other younger classes working. Thanks to this my concentration became better and I worked my way through that list. Even after I caught up I continued doing it and occasionally joined in with the class below my own whilst they were doing their work as I needed to revise that stuff for my exams that year so it was revision. My grades improved dramatically and my health became much better. Things got better and my enjoyment for my subjects increased and I finally smiled again (several teachers told me they had been becoming concerned as I was usually constantly smiling, laughing, making jokes and being sarcastic and full of energybut they hadn't seen any of that in several weeks instead saw me being exhausted and a dull look on my face and sensed something was wrong and were about to step in when I had the breakdown). A few weeks later I went for an interview at the university of my dreams and I got offered a conditional place (based on my grades that summer in my final exams) which was a lot lower than I expected, I was so fricking excited and danced around the classroom with joy with several of my teachers when I found out one lunchtime just two days after my interview. It was several more months of hard work and my teachers went above and beyond to make sure that I was ready for my finals but would also be in good stead when I (hopefully) started university that autumn. On results day I found out that I'd done it! I was into the university of my dreams. But it meant several really difficult goodbyes I stayed at school for several extra hours than needed as I thanked and said goodbye to every teacher that had got me through it with an extra long and emotional hug for my deputy head of year. They made me who I am today and kept pushing me to keep trying even when I really wanted to give up. They recognised when I had been pushed over the edge and pulled me back from it

  7. I will miss my teacher to when I was in school I cryed in front of every one on my class and so did others cryid

  8. My favourite teacher retire when I was grade 4 and I still see her to this day and I want to thank her for making me happy

  9. Today my teacher had retiered and I'll never see her again.

    She was number #1 go Mrs. Ploeger

  10. Today was my last day in 5th grade and I will miss all three of my wonderful teachers I will always miss them and remember them

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