In Your FACE Flair Challenge! Teaching Jabe How To Do It!

alright guys it's our final day at Woodward and we're hanging out in front of buds bar and this is where all the visiting pros say the guys have been here all week I'm going to show you guys a quick look of what it's like to be living in there these guys have been having a non-stop party having so much fun and they start their day off the same exact way every single time and you guys are about to see it firsthand just wait and see Scott clearly what should I just stand right it got pretty good right here rebirth all right so do you know game time so what do you guys play every single morning knockout not every morning and every time before we go right okay every three session looking back the barn and they have to leave the barn at some point to play give it knock well not just one the only way to leave all right close to 50 games a knockout and you guys probably notice right now that Dom's nine-year since he lost the game of like we made him leave Woodward we said that's enough no losers allowed at Woodward so we made DOM leaf alright so the game is officially beginning right now so Craig is first so j2 we got two guys straight and big boy all right good good Trey you were the first one to go so Trey pre-celebrate he thought he won because he went before big boy he's got to shoot again and that's the way the big one's gonna be able to get out as if Trey meant a big one this is so we're gonna find out right now all right [Applause] [Applause] ice we're leaving buds barn a little bit tre grabs his skateboard and he's walking up this hill it's pretty far go farther dude he's got a drink of this oh my god was in the way I probably turn he probably ran with it I was like come on you're in James like you finally got screwed over like where I'm going they ran the low-spin than just collapse alright guys so we're currently inside the golf cart I just pick up James Jones and we're going with cloud nine because Jade just learned backflips when how many days ago two days ago Jase yeah and he tried flares a few times last night and this morning right yeah hasn't landed yet but I think that we could get Jade doing a flare today I really think that's looking at the footage I think we could easily fix his players so we're gonna go we're gonna let him enjoy this thing while we go cruise on up there and then we're going to start teaching people how to do play this is gonna be pretty awesome oh all right we're gonna get this flare going right now Jeep is going to send his first one we will see what it looks like when the poor I'm glad that we started with that one man I don't know what to say he's got earlier today he was he was getting somewhat of a flare rotation out of my 40 let's get to work drawing board dude you got this you don't even know me and jab literally almost just flare kissed oh the big boy got entirely too close to that player right there jave almost cheekbone the camera like he was probably about here right technically all right that's that's insane like this is one hand length away from it's a fish ah so James gonna go again that was actually really good we're gonna try to rotate less on the spin and rotate more of a flip at first anyway we're gonna try to get him to come down more on his right side so he can potentially ride away so we'll see how it goes how do you feel like your little brother came here this week absolutely terrified to do a backflip and he's now back away is now let me try for the letter to Reggie I think this is proof that you can never trust anything at Jeb says because he said one thing he cannot do a backflip there's no possible way dude you can this week not want to do back with neither of us all right with this I was trying to get an interview from Trey about his little brother and this is the ROG some screwed up it's gonna work you just gotta get that straight part dude it's gonna work all right guys we put the camera down and we sat there and we put a lot of effort and telling you how to do the flare he's at the point where he's trying it on the Rosie and we're gonna see if we can get this one right now about 20 guys in here that are waiting for Jada Linda's lair I think he's gonna get it so let's do this [Applause] that one who is so much better than the first two he just tried he actually came down in the right area he could land this one right now just talk to Jay I gave him some advice I told to slow down on the approach to the core but I think he's gone a little bit too fast and when you go too fast even when you're trying to relax everything you're going we're too much momentum and it's so hard to time everything right now so hopefully this one will work right here if he lands this this place is coming to a rub all right so that time Jeb went with the right amount speed but I'm trying to panic any car to his side some of the rotations didn't go away the back flips it went like a weird five or anything so he's got to correct that now like God he's so freaking close the pain in the agony of learning a new trick especially a trick like a flare that's so hard for people to comprehend and understand except for big way he feels normal [Applause] Savage oh yeah beer never doing that ever again thank you Scott thank you I appreciate it frickin theater flippin no backwards at all suppliers that's amazing that is incredible please make you jealous that was epic man I'm beat I'm sore I'm tired ready to go home I got to work in the drift car we got some cool stuff coming up for that and I gotta teach the kids don't know what they're doing anymore are you ready to go home Scott yeah we're actually gonna be heading out right now we had a good two days here Ricky had three I believe Big Boy and Maddie and the rest of the crew was here all week Dom left this morning he was too beat up from yesterday so he's taken my home oh yeah like no no losers are loud noise loud sense I'm home so Woodward is also known we have so much fun coming here and it still feels like it did when I was a kid coming here is epic it's so cool seeing tricks being pulled for the first time like Jade today and just having fun in general that's what BMX is about so huge thank you the woodwork for having us and we will definitely be back so guys hope you enjoyed this one so next time remember to subscribe Channel and thanks for watching peace

35 thoughts on “In Your FACE Flair Challenge! Teaching Jabe How To Do It!”

  1. If anyone can teach a flair it would be Scotty. He's helped so many people learn that trick including myself couldn't thank him enough!

  2. Y don't u build a snowbike, so. Kind of like the skate bike but for snow, and I know it isn't winter so u could try it on an artificial slope

  3. Jabe jabe and Jabe is everywhere. Scotty is the man behind the success. We need more people like scotty to do big in any part of life

  4. Can you imagine trying to learn a new trick and having Scotty freaking Cranmer talk you through it? What better teacher/mentor could you ask for!

  5. Thought you guys were about uplifting people not putting your so called friends down " no losers allowed " kinda harsh had a lot of respect for you guys but even in fun of messing around younger audiences will take that to heart just saying

  6. Congrats Jabe on going from no backflip to flair. Flair was sick. Awesome job.
    OBB cant catch a break. Wins and "BK WINS" on the screen. Priceless. 不

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