IN SESSION: Suffolk students spread financial literacy through 'FLIP' startup business

well some recent high school grads in Suffolk are taking control of their financial future in this morning's in-session report Dan Kennedy shows us how they're helping other teens do the same we have the same 24 hours it's Warren Buffett jay-z Diddy a lot of you know these big billionaires you know businesspeople so what are you doing different and down it's that go-getter attitude that fuels this group of five young men in Suffolk we're all 18 we all started at 17 18 so it's never too early to I guess start chasing your dreams Ian Jade and Clarence kori and Darren are more than just recent high school grads there are also entrepreneurs and co-owners of a start-up business called financial literacy is power or flip we started off with basically cool calling stockbrokers and financial consultant hey can we sit down with you and can we go over the information on the key tell us about this what started as a curiosity snowballed into a business and now they want to share the world of Finance with their peers everything from investing in stocks to managing debt and more and our main mission was to spread importance of financial literacy within that community amongst our peers they don't realize how important it is in life so we want it to come together and try to bridge that gap they want to better themselves and also saw a need within our school system and within our communities to help individuals their age from 16 and older to become literate about their finances and making proper decisions as the five friends head to college Nansemond rivers marketing teacher says the group leaves a legacy and like any good business leaders their goal is to keep flip growing as well by giving schools when it rains on bringing those different crops together and form down get a big audience Dan Kennedy 13 News now

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