In Search of Knowledge Miniquest Quick Guide – Forthos Ruins – OSRS

hey guys I actually have made a guide of this I made three of them and then I decided to change my mind at the last moment I think I'll just do a quick vertical guide for you guys in case you don't use wiki this is the person of interest inside of this quest – in it you want to go I'm sorry it's not a question of mini quest you want to go to the ortho screwin which is south of the mess hall and the bank inside of lost city is which is south of the great corn city anyways come down here this is where you start off it go up here you're going to need a knife once you go through this door you're gonna need a knife here and here afterwards that area C / the web recently there you can also use the wilderness sword if you have it talk to him you select option 3 how did you get injured at least that's what I did in it like activated the mini quest because beforehand I think I might just sped through the dialogue to fast anyways after that you wanna head to the left and then you go into this room right here is for grubby keys you don't actually go in there as you can see I received one it was like 25k in value but when I opened it all I received was egg potatoes and like 10 toad flex or it was North weed I'm not sure displayed on here by chance no it's not but anyways you go into this room you see these bookshelves you want to search all of them for three tomes afterwards you kill the monsters inside of this dungeon any of them and they'll start dropping the pages I received one page so far and I've killed roughly thirty or fifty of these I've been slowly asking I was editing the other videos and then I just kind of scrapped everything and I just decided to do this speed talk or whatever but yeah um this is the room where you get the books what the tomes from I like killing bees because you can just pray mage here there drops a pretty decent of recieved a Snapdragon seed I'll also recommend these temple spiders I'm not familiar with the area yet if there is an altar over there those will be great because I've seen people leaving a lot of good drops over there you also have the Red Dragons most people know what those drop already they don't drop a message it looks like using a bludgeon and a whip down here is pretty dang good I seen a guy using a bludgeon he was hitting over 40 s pretty consistently so yeah that's my recommended gear here I however was coming down here first time so I was here to range you actually don't need this to use this shortcut door I believe you have to finish the mini quest I think it's called a son key or something like that which you receive at the end or maybe you couldn't receive it after you complete the stone I'm not sure don't quote me on that I'm at least sure that Saiki talking to this guy I'm not sure what it does yet I spoke with him and I had to give him five dragon stones he gave me this item I haven't quite used it yet but it is for this altar over here the stone altar but yeah other than that rubbing key you also get that drop killed monsters around here there's not too much else to this dungeon besides this boss down here I haven't tried it out yet it's a mid-level boss apparently you can only melee it seems like a melee Center dungeon since everyone else is using melee and it seems to be pretty powerful but yeah I see I have to got about the psyche he's talking to him I guess maybe this altar gives extra prayer experience oh goodness another altar dang I just got 99 prayer oh come on man well I wouldn't have trained it down here honestly so not even upset but yeah anyways thanks for watching this quick guide I hope it was quick enough for you if it wasn't my apologies also you know make sure to LIKE comment share all that good stuff

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