In residence 2018 promotion – Department of Education

[Music playing] 120 kilometres from Toowoomba 600 kilometres from Rockhampton 900 kilometres from Mackay 1300 kilometres from Townsville 1600 kilometres from Cairns [Music playing] I am so excited that we finally have this
opportunity to have regional students and metropolitan students all coming together
to experience working together as a team, thinking creatively, connecting with industry
and also tertiary institutions – all to try and build as much capacity as possible
for them to find pathways into the arts in the future. I can see, being on the ground
with these students for the last three days, just how life changing it actually is. I don’t get these opportunities at home
where I am from, because it is a small place, so when you come here, you get to work with
artists one-on-one and get to really delve into different mediums that you didn’t think
you normally would have and could have. Give it a go, because it’s fine. You meet wonderful
people and it’s fun! It’s fun! [Music playing]

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